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Category: photo retouching


Article by — Helene, Paris elopement planner and photographer

How exactly do we photoshop images for our clients?

We explain with examples.



​Photo retouching is altering an image to prepare it for the final presentation. Photo retouching comes after editing and is a complex process. We touch up all images that we deliver to the client — every single photo. Here is what we do by default and we do it to every photo where needed.

1. We remove people where it is possible:


Before (left) and after (right)

2. We try to remove the constructions, a lot of them are located around the Eiffel Tower area:

3 (2).jpg

Before (left) and after (right)

Often both people and constructions are in the shot, so we remove all that and here is how a final result looks like:

1 (2).jpg

Before (left) and after (right)

3. Another thing we usually do is dress cleanup:

4 (2)(1).jpg

Before (left) and after (right)

4. And we also remove dress and suit wrinkles:


Before (left) and after (right)

We can remove the wrinkles but please still invest in a quality fabric outifts. This wrinkle-removing technique is an emergency help in case your steamer was broken.



​If you'd like to have some beauty retouching, you'll need to let us know separately. Because every person sees themselves in a certain way. Some clients love the natural untouched image, while others ask to make some edits, and both ways are totally normal. It would be wrong to edit people's appearance without asking first.

Of course, it is very rare when couples don't want to make any changes. In the world we live in, people are obsessed with photoshop, facetune and looking just perfect. Nothing wrong with that.  9 out of 10 clients ask for beauty adjustmens. We all are looking at influencers on social media and we want to look the same or even better. No worries, we have the same retouching skills as beauty influencers and we can use them for you.

“Natural portrait retouching” that’s what we call this retouching combination and it fits everyone. Still recognizable you, but fresher. Like you had a two-week beach vacation with yoga before going to Paris.

It includes:


  1. Skin softening

  2. Removing blemishes

  3. Working with hair, adding volume, and fixing flying hair pieces

  4. Removing double chin if necessary, face thinner

  5. Waist and arms thinner, butt rounder, but nothing too dramatic


That’s how it is going to look, I edited my photo exact same way :

Skin softening.jpg

Before (left) and after (right), send us a message requesting for this type of portrait retouching if you like the result

So if you like the result, just send us a message “Please add your natural portrait retouching”.


Either before the photo shoot or when you receive a sneak peek. When you request this in advance, it will be for free. If at first you asked for no retouching and then changed your mind but we already finished all the work, we will charge you extra.


Of course, you can ask for specific tailor-made edits. We can do almost anything, just let us know what exactly you’d like us to do.



Photoshop possibilities are limited, and there are some things we can not fix, big major edits like:

- We can’t remove goosebumps from arms and body, so please get a warm coat and rent an indoor venue for November to April elopements

- We can’t change the color of anything, for example, if the bride decided she likes her shoes better pink instead of gold, that won’t be possible

- We don’t change any background or weather conditions. If it was a cloudy day, unfortunately, we can’t draw a sun and make it warmer, although I wish we could!

And separately let’s discuss the hair fixing. As I previously mentioned, we can fix some flying pieces. But just some of them, that are thin. If you choose to have an updo and there are some pieces that fall apart because of the heavy veil, we will fix it. But it is completely different with hair down styles. If you decide to wear loose curls and then the hair is all over the face, that is also not editable.

In my photo above I am wearing my hair down because it is at home photoshoot, indoors. With no wind.


Hair down styles are super hard to fix with Photoshop. Paris is a very windy city. Choose hair down at your own risk and please take a look at this article.



We edit photos till they are clean. Remove all the people from the background, remove constructions, trash, bins, crowds, and everything else that does not look pretty. This is included in every package and you don't need to pay extra.

But for portrait retouching like making a waist thinner, we ask to make a separate request. It is included in the package price as well.

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