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Article by — Helene, Paris elopement planner, helping brides since 2012

Hair down is a risky choice for October to April elopements. Here is why.

France almost never has long or tropical showers. Rain here is 10 minutes max. Rainy days are very rare in Paris. Mostly we have wonderful weather and clear skies. But we have big problems with the wind. The wind here is warm but strong. And it is not just a breeze, it is a very strong wind even during the hot summer days.

Here is a demonstration of what happens with curls when I get outside.

If your elopements is planned for October, November December, January, February, March or April, this article is for you.

It is slightly safer if your elopement is planned for May, June, July, or August. You can try to wear your hair down, there is a high chance that the wind will not destroy it.

The best way to explain the problem is to give a real-life example. To show that, I went to a salon to create a visual demonstration of what will happen with my hair.

I asked for curls. Soft, but with lots of hairspray. Basically, the same hairstyle that our brides mean when they are talking about "wearing my hair down".

Here is what my hairstylist did. It looks super pretty and feminine. I asked for the strongest hairspray:

WhatsApp Image 2022-10-02 at 6.40.58 PM.jpeg

Me in this photo is how any bride looks with the same hairstyle, in her hotel room,

after getting ready

This type of hair style looks fabulous indoors. I am confident, I am happy and I really love how hair frames my face.

But soon it will drastically change. Are you ready to see what will happen to my hair when I get outside? This video is recorded in October. It is not even Winter yet.

10 minutes outside after the salon and here is a result:

I have no control over my hair.


I have no control over my facial expressions.


I am uncomfortable.


Flying hairpieces annoy me.


Imagine how hard it would be for me right now to pose for the camera, look happy and confident?

Every bride who decides to wear her hair down during October to April elopements, will be doing to a lot of this hair fixing instead of enjoying the moment:


4 stages of hair fixing: anger, bargaining, depression, acceptance

Photoshop editing sometimes makes magic. But unfortunately, we can do nothing here. We can not fix hair with retoucing. We can fix small pieces, but not the whole wind situation. No cure for that.

As a wedding planner, I can not advise you to choose a certain hairstyle since it is a very personal choice. But I can show you what will happen when you decide to take the risk and wear your hair down.

A final decision is yours to make.

Updo is an ideal alternative:


If you can not imagine wearing your hair up, here are other nice ideas.

Voluminous ponytail:


Curly half up half down:


Straight half up half down:

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