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We are Paris elopement planners and photographers and we take bookings here, from this website form. Our all-inclusive packages are for 2 to 10 guests (we can extend up to 12-13 guests, but not more).

The best day to book is Saturday. Almost no traffic and crowds in Paris. We really recommend Saturdays, if you have availability.
We never book Sundays. Paris goes car-free every Sunday. Not possible to drive, cars are not allowed.

Other than that, there is no difference. All days of the week are good. No difference between Monday and Friday, so choose the day that works best for you. National holidays like Easter or Christmas are totally fine. We do not charge extra if the elopement is planned for the weekend or holiday.

​But what we do not book are days with military parades, like for example Bastille Day military parade. The whole city is closed. So we do not book:
XMay 8
XJuly 13 and 14

​Also, we do not book New Year's Eve. From December 30 to January 1.

Note from Helene: I would appreciate if you could write your date by text.
For example, March 4, 2023. Because in France we use dd/mm and some countries use mm/dd. And when I receive 03/04 that can be both April 3 or March 4.

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