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Article by — Tim, Paris elopement planner and photographer, been analyzing all locations 10 years in a row

Let's prepare for your Paris photoshoot!



The weather in Paris is changing every month. And the city looks very different. Even a two-week difference can make or break how a certain photo location will look.


We went through photoshoots with our eyes closed first 5-6 years of working as wedding planners and photographers in Paris. Without realizing what to recommend depending on the season. Time passed, and we analyzed all the differences. It took us another 3 years to collect this information and make an article out of it.


We created this mini guide for you with visual examples. So you have a clear roadmap for your Paris photo shoot planning. Here are our recommendations on what locations exactly to choose depending on your wedding dates.



Our goal is to incorporate the romantic blossoming of nature, more sunshine, and fresh green trees.

The best time to visit Paris. All locations look wonderful and the city is not crowded.


You can choose any location from our list, but especially we recommend Tuileries with pink trees.


We recommend Tuileries Garden (statues) for April:


Fresh green and romantic pink trees, Tuileries in April

We also recommend Louvre gallery, sun will be from perfect side angle and gallery is filled with light:


Only during Spring gallery is beautifully lit with pink tones

We personally do not recommend the Louvre pyramids for April, because the sun is from that weird angle and glass pyramids are overexposed. And the whole Louvre square is overexposed too.



It is a time of love, youth, and beauty. As for posing, we are focused on emotions, and feelings.

The best time to visit Paris. All locations look wonderful and the city is not very crowded.


You can choose any location from our list, but especially we recommend sunrise Trocadero.


We recommend sunrise at Trocadero for May:


May is the perfect time for Eiffel Tower and peonies

We also recommend the Alexander III Bridge. The sun is from the right side of Paris and the whole Eiffel Tower area is very pretty, has soft romantic tones:


The most opulent bridge in Paris in May

We personally still don't recommend the Louvre pyramids and Tuileries gardens (the castle part). Spring sun overexposes those parts of the city.

And we do not recommend Arc de Triomphe because of crazy traffic.



Our goal is to capture the beautiful architecture that can be captured only on sunrise. Sunrise is very early in June. And we recommend Petit Palais and Paris streets. Petit Palais opens around 9AM and security does not allow to take photos after that. Same with Paris streets, lots of traffic after 9 AM. But for June, that is not a problem.

In June, Paris lovers are hunting for the best architecture!


We recommend Petit Palais for June elopements:


Couple who rise early get the best architecture shots at Petit Palais

We also recommend Place Vendome and Ritz Paris photoshoot:


The best time to walk around Paris

We personally do not recommend Arc de Triomphe because of crazy traffic.



July is almost the same as June. Our goal is to create fun and sweet natural photos in the city of love, with gorgeous backdrops.


Early sunrises. Great time for architecture photos: Louvre, Petit Palais, streets.


But we would like to particularly highlight the Eiffel balcony L'avenue de Camoëns. This time it looks especially good.

We recommend Eiffel balcony L'avenue de Camoëns for July elopements:


Avenue de Camoens is a quiet street next to Trocadero, offering fantastic views of the Eiffel Tower

And July is the time when Tuileries (castle) is no longer overexposed, perfect for photos :


Romantic garden in the heart of Paris, castle view in July

We also recommend famous Louvre pyramids for July elopements. The whole square just shines! These two tiny photos do not reflect the beauty of the location bathed in soft light. But just trust us, choose the Louvre museum!


Louvre is gorgeous during mid Summer months

We noticed that River Seine can be little overexposed during July, the light is harsh there on a sunny day. So we do not recommend it.



It is all about hidden gems. August is an easy month because locals leave Paris to go on a vacation. Almost no traffic. Our goal is to capture rare places that are not available at other times of the year. But of course classic locations like Tuileries or Louvre look great.


We recommend Arc de Triomphe for August elopements, the only month without traffic behind it:


L'arc de Triomphe is usually packed with cars, but empty during August

We also recommend this Eiffel Tower pedestrian crossing. It is never included in our location list because 11 months out of 12 it is not available. But in August we can try, since there are way less cars in the city.


Eiffel Tower pedestrian crossing is available only during August

We also recommend this particular street with Eiffel Tower. This street is available only from May to late August. So don't miss it!


This street is available only from May to late August

After August is over, the location named "Charming Paris Street" is available for only a week, and not more. Till maybe September 5-7. The "Charming Street" spot is mostly a summer location because it is crowded with cars after 7 AM. After September 5-7 the sunrise is already late. There is a high chance it will be packed with cars behind you, like this example, and cars can not be edited out when they are this big:


Sunrise is late, during peak traffic time. Cars can not be edited out. Meaning, after September 5-7, this location is no longer available


In September, our goal is to create photos that spark the feeling of love. It is still summer in Paris and the weather is great. Golden autumnal colors start to appear mid September.


We recommend the River Seine for September elopements:


We recommend this location for ceremonies and portraits, but delicate bridal portraits look especially good here

We also recommend the Louvre, it is always a stunning place to visit in Paris but cloudy Autumn sky enhance the architectural details:


It will be crowded, but we will edit people out to create an illusion that you are alone in the whole city

We also recommend this panoramic view of île de la Cité and Pont des Arts. For two reasons. In Setpember, the photography light is good here. And that is a meaningful place because it is where Paris was founded:


Paris starts on the banks of the Seine, right here


Panoramic view of île de la Cité and Pont des Arts


Panoramic view of île de la Cité and Pont des Arts



In October our goal is to create a clean and stylish photography. Images that are real, beautiful, natural looking, and candid.

We recommend Trocadero for October elopements, because of great light :


All constructions are removed after a fashion week and it's time to take photos here

In October the light is soft and warm, and in our opinion, Alexander 3 bridge is the best location:


Charming and pretty

We also recommend this side of a gallery:

IMG (108).jpg
IMG (106)(3).jpg

Classic Paris location

Places that are no longer available : Petit Palais, street with Eiffel view.


I've put together these months in one category because they all are winter months and the city looks the same. No green trees, no parks, no nature.

But Paris architecture looks so incredibly luxurious during winter months! Oh my gosh, the whole city just shines like a diamond! One of the main reasons why that happens is because all the crowds go away and you just see the beauty not covered with tourists. And also in our opinion, cold pink sunlight makes everything look wealthy, rich, and affluent.

So many recommendations here! In terms of outfits, we recommend fashion, very formal almost white tie, expensive fabrics. Fur coat over one shoulder, diamonds, high heels. Rock your Rolex watches and Louboutins. And of course, a classic white or black tuxedo for the groom.

We do not recommend having your ceremony outdoors, please book a hotel for your elopement. It might be too cold for a winter sunrise ceremony.

But for locations, we recommend these places.

Our number one favorite winter location is Cour Carrée:


The best location for winter months, Cour Carrée

We really love this columns-gallery at the Louvre and the light is magical here. During warm months it is no available because of crowds, people are walking through it. But it is perfect for your winter shots:


Columns-gallery at the Louvre only during winter months

Doors at the Louvre are also great, very elegant:

IMG (139).jpg
IMG (138).jpg

Isn't this location just the definition of elegance?

Another fabulous place is this area with lanterns at the Louvre. Just look at it! It is not available during summer months because of crowds, millions of people behind you. But perfect for winter photoshoot:


This Louvre view alone is worth coming to Paris in winter

If you are looking for an Eiffel Tower view, we do not recommend Trocadero. It might be overexposed. But what we recommend is Eiffel balcony L'avenue de Camoëns:

IMG (23).jpg
IMG (25).jpg

We simply love this Eiffel Tower view!

And last but not least location we would like to recommend is Alexandre 3 bridge. Look at these photos and you will see why:


For classic and modern wedding lovers

Places that are not available : Petit Palais, street with Eiffel view.

We do not recommend Tuileries because they look depressing without green trees.

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