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Article by — Helene, Paris elopement planner, helping brides since 2012

Paris has a nice climate with cool winters and generally hot summers, which means that any time of year is good for visiting the city.


The coldest months are January and February. During these two months, it rains every 1-2 weeks but some days can be quite pleasant.


August is the hottest month of the year in Paris, although July is nearly as hot.



One of the nicest times of the year with flowers in bloom. Climate is variable depending on the month, check the weather closely before your trip. The average daytime temperatures in Paris are around 15°C (60°F) while high temperatures can hit peaks of 25°C (77°F) on warmer days. But temperature at some cloudy days can get quite chilly though, and will drop to about 8°C (46°F). Weather is a little unpredictable. It can go from warm and sunny to chilly and rainy in a few minutes.


It rarely rains in Paris in Spring. Light rain can come and go quickly throughout the day. But it usually doesn't last long, not more than 20-30 minutes. And it's quite warm rain. We always stay flexible and keep track of the weather.


In case of rain, we will be in touch, contact you in advance, and discuss the best day and hour to move the elopement or photoshoot.


Spring weather calls for a bit more coverage. Have you ever seen brides in light dresses turning blue while they get their pictures taken? Not a good look! You can shop a faux fur coat, cape, or wool wrap.


If you don't have enough time to buy something special, take your winter jacket with you on your wedding day, just in case. Yes, even if the forecast is showing 20°C (68°F). Yes, even for the late Spring wedding. The weather can change suddenly, even in May days sometimes can be chilly and windy. You can wear this coat going from one photoshoot spot to another. And take it off for the pictures.


It's really important to stay warm!

March can be a bit unpredictable, with gorgeous sunny weather one weekend and clouds or rain the next. No tourists around so perfect for those who wish to explore Paris like a local. The average high temperature is 12.2°C (54°F), and the average low temperature is 5.3°C (41.5°F).

April is unofficially the start of summer. From late March to April, thousands of trees burst into pink blossom. The first three weeks of April are usually the peak bloom for cherry blossoms. Bring a light jacket and long pants to wear in the evening.

May - wonderfully long days, with the sun until around 8-9 pm. Rain is minimal.

IMG (18).jpg


The weather is mostly dry, sunny and warm. Daily high temperatures increase from 23°C (73.4°F) to 25°C (77°F), almost never exceeding 31°C (87.8°F) or falling below 18°C (64.4°F). Tourist season is at its peak and the city's museums and other top tourist attractions are crowded with people.


Pack a hat or visor and other sun gear for sunny days.


1) SPF. Sunscreen every day to protect your skin - face and body


2) Backup shirt. Pack a second fresh shirt to change


3) Choose flats. Wedding sandals, flats, or mules are the best choices for a summer wedding, especially if it's hot. Your feet will feel airy and lightweight


4) Seasonally-appropriate dress. If you are marrying in the summer, make sure your dress and suit are breathable

June. We really like Paris in June, just before tourists arrive. Gardens across the country are at their peak. Book your tickets, flight, and hotel in advance because it can be expensive to travel to Paris this month.

July brings the hottest weather, the biggest crowds, and the highest accommodation rates. Restaurants are overbooked, with long lines just about everywhere. Rain is minimal.

August. If you’re seeking sunshine and heat, August is a good time to come to Paris. But many shops close, and locals leave on vacation. The middle of the month is the hottest, with temperatures reaching as high as 34°C (93.2°F). The lowest number of rainy days the entire year. August in Paris is also an ideal time for experiencing a cruise on the Seine river or on Paris canals.

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When is the best time to visit Paris? Autumn. It's that magical time when the weather is beautiful and not too hot or too cold, and the city is not too crowded.

September is an especially good time to visit France for those who like the sunshine but don’t want to experience summer’s intense heat. Please avoid Fashion Week - the busiest and most expensive time. Comfortable temperatures during the afternoon and early evening hours with cool to chilly late nights and early mornings. Daytime temperature is about 22°C (72°F).

October. Most of the time, you’ll be able to wear your summer outfits, though you may need a couple of warm layers for the evening. The days are typically still sunny and warm. Perfect to enjoy walking and exploring the city.

November has sunny but chilly days, wrap up in warm sweaters. In autumn, it is more likely to rain than in spring. The average temperatures range between 6°C (42.8°F) on the coldest days and 14°C (58°F) on the warmest days.


The weather in Paris is usually very windy. The wind can cause a lot of problems, especially for hairstyles. It’s highly advisable for the bride and groom to think about their hair styling, make the bride's hairdo as strong and smooth as possible, and use resistant gel for the groom's hair.

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IMG_ (69).jpg


December equals Christmas markets! An umbrella is probably a good idea too. With plenty of magical Christmas celebrations over the festive season, Paris certainly can be called «The City of Lights».


January and February are the coldest months of the year. Cold, wet, and windy days. If you are looking for winter outdoor activities then certainly this is the time to visit the Alps.


Along with January and February, the weather in December is the coldest of the year. Temperature is around 5°C (41°F) but there’s little chance of rain.


The whole year round! However, if you can, we recommend going in Spring or Autumn, when there are fewer tourist crowds.


The end of March, April, and the month of May and mid-September through October, are the best times of the year to visit Paris.

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