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Article by — Tim, Paris elopement planner and photographer since 2012

Trocadero is a very popular location. But sometimes it can be closed.

Let's figure it out together, will Trocadero be available for your dates?




This article is about the beautiful ceremony spot near the fountain. It is the only available ceremony spot at Trocadero.

Of course, there are other several views at Trocadero, for example stairs or main view. But others are not big enough for ceremony and are only available for photos.

So this one you can see above is available for ceremonies.



Trocadero is not available during Paris Fashion Week.

There are two Fashion Weeks each year, Feb 10 to March 20 and September 10 to October 20. Fashion shows can take up to 3 weeks before to install all the constructions and podiums and then 3 weeks to uninstall them. So please add +-3 weeks to the Fashion Week dates.

Fall fashion week is the most important one and they start building construction way in advance, since late August.


The whole area is closed, not possible to do the ceremony


Construction will be there almost the whole March and September to mid October

But the worst part is that every year it is changing. You never know when they will start building runways:


Saint Laurent fashion show under the Eiffel Tower, Spring/Summer 2022


This spot is not available for ceremonies, but we still can take some photos at Trocadero during FW

What is the solution? Please google the dates of Paris FW and if you see that it is close to your elopement, we'll need to choose plan B for your ceremony. River Seine works perfectly good. And then 2-3 days before the elopement we will see if Trocadero is available. We never know in advance.

For ceremonies, during FW Trocadero is not available at all.


But what about photos? Yes, we can try to take some photos. A tiny area will be available for a quick shot, this one:



Now let's look at Trocadero in different seasons. During winter, you can expect a cloudy sky, no green trees, and soft pastel colors, but little darker than usual:

late Nov.jpg

Trocadero during winter months

When spring arrives, the whole city is soaked in light colors:


Trocadero, early March

From March 30 to approximately April 15 you can have a ceremony under cherry blossoms at Trocadero:

Cherry .jpg

Cherry Blossom season in Paris usually starts at the beginning of March through the end of April

May, June and July are the best months to get married at Trocadero. Ceremony will start early, around 6 AM. But you can expect bright sunrise, beautiful trees and the famous chic look:


Trocadero during summer months

During mid to late Autumn months, Trocadero transforms into a moody location with emerald colors:


Trocadero on early November



Trocadero is closed during Paris Fashion Week and 3 weeks before and after. May, June, and July are the best months to get married there.

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