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Article by — Tim, Paris elopement planner, worked with different Paris ceremony locations for 12 years to choose the best ones for you

You are getting married in Paris. Your ceremony location must definitely reflect you as a couple. You started to choose your dream place, but there are so many options… If you don’t have a clear vision, take a look at our public vs private location comparison.



If you want to get married with an iconic Paris view and save some money, think about a public ceremony location. There are many gorgeous places like famous Trocadero or Tuileries available.


Choose a public place to blend into the city.


You are getting married in Paris, you are walking down the streets and feeling like locals. This is so exciting!


You are choosing a public location to feel the romance of the city of love.

Pros of a public ceremony location:

-Save money. There is zero additional cost here, you pay just Carousel package price and that’s it

-Famous iconic views, like in your favorite romantic movies

-Easy to plan. No need to book in advance. These locations are open all year round for everyone

Cons of a public ceremony location:

-You’ll have to wake up very early to catch the right light for photoshoot, and start the ceremony before crowds arrive

-Nothing is guaranteed, locations like Trocadero can be closed overnight for constructions without any warning. I am not saying that happens often. Almost never. Some huge events such as Paris Fashion Week we can predict. But the risk is always there. You should be prepared that if you choose a public place like Trocadero, no one is reserving it for you. If it is closed, it is closed and we are looking for an alternative

-Because of an early start, you may see some city janitors around during the ceremony (but of course, they can be easily photoshopped out)

-It might be a little noisy with cars and traffic. There is no less or more noise at specific places, they all are somewhat the same

-Other couples getting married at that exact same spot (because Paris is the city of Love)

Some of our favorite locations to consider:


River Seine, the elegant Eiffel Tower view for your ceremony


Tuileries, the tree line and Louvre background


If you want to have a space just for you, think about a private ceremony location. Most locations provide much more than just a backdrop for your ceremony. They offer you a peace of mind and protection from bad weather and other people.

Choose a private location to feel relaxed.If you book a hotel, church or a castle, you will get a warm welcoming atmosphere, stylish fourniture and wonderful scenery. You get a chance to marry in the best venues of France. For sure you will be more relaxed and don’t need to think about plan B in case of a bad weather.

Pros of a private ceremony location:

-Intimacy and privacy. You are going to have your personal private space. You can calmly enjoy such an important day of your life

-Private ceremony space might be less overwhelming, no worries about bad weather or wind

-You can personalise the location in any way you want: add live music or floral decorations

-You definitely have more control over your ceremony, and less distractions

-Private ceremony locations are clean and neat. The dress won’t get dirty and the hair will stay all day

Cons of a private ceremony location:

-Cost. Price is definitely high. Our most affordable location is from €2400, most locations are around €4-6000 and up to €10k for a full castle rent

-You have to book in advance and be flexible on dates. Upon your inquiry, free dates are not guaranteed. In fact, date options might be limited since Paris is a very popular city and everything is fully booked months in advance.

Some of our favorite private locations to consider.


Think about a luxury hotel for a romantic city view. Your personal private space under the sky of Paris. It is a great way to combine Eiffel Tower ceremony and luxury location:

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