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Tim and Helene, Paris elopement planners

Bonjour! We are Tim and Helene, Paris elopement planners and photographers.


This article is for everyone who is planning to visit Paris and enjoy the beautiful wedding.


You are here because you're probably invited to a romantic event in Paris. Nice to meet you!


Navigating the world of a destination elopement somewhere overseas can be a little tricky. We prepared answers to some of the biggest questions you might be asking.


In Paris, we try to plan all our ceremonies right at sunrise. City gets too crowded after 10-11 AM so in order to take beautiful images we need to wake up early. Typically, ceremonies start around 7-8 AM or even earlier.


We create a timeline 3 to 5 days before the elopement based on the latest weather forecast. The couple will send you this timeline some days before the wedding date and will help you navigate the logistics.

Uber is the best way to get from your hotel/airbnb to the ceremony location.


You get ready and together arrive at a specific location chosen for the elopement ceremony. Ceremony officiant meets everyone. We help guests to gather around where the couple will be saying their vows. Leaving front space open for photography.

Here are some examples of how ceremony looks like:

IMG (56).jpg
IMG (67).jpg

Wedding ceremony. The couple is facing each other so that they are side on to their wedding guests and the officiant is in the middle.

PHOTO (11).jpg

Couple decides who will be standing from the bride's and groom's sides.

IMG (20).jpg
IMG (29).jpg

We take photos from different angles.


The couple and officiant will stand at the altar which in Paris most likely be an Eiffel Tower or a gorgeous garden view.


A classic elopement wedding ceremony is :


-Opening remarks. The wedding ceremony opening remarks are a warm welcome: "We are gathered together on this day..."

-Couple's story. Your officiant may take this moment to speak about their love and engagement story. About them as a couple.

-I DO's. "Do you Anastasia take Alexander to be your husband?"

-Ring and vow exchange. "I give you this ring as a symbol of my love and I promise you..."

-Declaration of your marriage. Your officiant makes it official. "I now pronounce you married!"

-First kiss as a married couple.

-The signing of symbolic certificates.


15-20 minutes and they are married! A chance to personally congratulate the couple.


After the ceremony, we take group photos:

IMG (117).jpg

Group photo all together, a must have

IMG (123).jpg
IMG (121).jpg

Bride and her bridesmaid

IMG (118).jpg
IMG (119).jpg

Individual and couple's photos for the guests

We can do unlimited photos: all together, individual, different groups etc. Just let us know!


Please have a chat with the bride and groom as it is a personal choice. Some couples have a color scheme, others give their loved ones a full freedom. But usually, semi-formal cocktail attire is just perfect. In case it is a winter wedding (November-March), please bring a jacket.


Have a coffee and meal! The couple is going to have their portrait photoshoot done for the two of them. But it is also your day as a family, so it is time to celebrate.


We really recommend pre-booking a River Seine cruise. You can do this by Googling "Paris River Seine cruises", read testimonials to choose your company, and book your trip online. Tickets are usually around 10-15 EUR per person. Get out on the river, take the air and enjoy Paris views.