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Article by — Tim and Helene, Paris elopement planners, waking up at 3am for the last 12 years

When do we wake up? When is our makeup artist coming? You are smart if you are asking these questions. Let's figure this out.


To avoid crowds at popular locations, plan to wake up early.


Getting out of bed very early in the morning is always a struggle. Especially when you are on your vacation.


But Paris streets and squares get very busy from 11-13 and till late night.


Morning really is the only moment in the day when popular locations like Eiffel Tower or Louvre are empty, and also you will get the best light. And it will be absolutely worth it for one of the most magical sunrises.


Even if you and your loved one aren’t morning people, empty Paris will have you considering an early morning wakeup. Which, okay, you kinda already knew, right?


To illustrate what we mean about crowds in Paris during the summer season, here are two pictures:


Trocadero in the morning and Trocadero after 14 PM


We plan all our ceremonies right at sunrise. Here is approximate information of what to expect. This is not exact information, and time can change +/- 30 minutes for sunny or cloudy days.

February, March ceremony starts at 7:30-8 AM
April ceremony starts at 7:15 AM
May ceremony starts at 6:00 AM
June, July ceremony starts at 5:40 AM
August, September ceremony starts at 7:00 AM
October ceremony starts at 8 AM
November, December ceremony starts at 8:30-9AM


Here is a real example of an October elopement timeline:

05:30 - Makeup artist arrives. Bridal hair and makeup. Groom gets ready

07:40 - Pick up at the hotel

08:00 - Ceremony begins

08:20 - Ceremony ends, group portraits

08:40 - Couple photoshoot begins

9-12:00 - Paris portrait shoot

12:30 -Transfer back to the hotel

And after your photoshoot is finished, you have full freedom to do anything you want. Go with the flow and take more portraits. Or return back to the hotel and have lunch together with your fiancée. A glass of rosé? Possibilities are endless.


But please keep in mind, that it is just an example. We can add more time in the morning if your makeup artist needs more time to create your look. Or add extra travel time if your hotel is located far from Paris center.


Please prepare your clothing the night before. Steam and lay out your dress, suit, veil and accessories. Cut off all the labels and double-check your ring box. It can help minimize these last minute disasters. Don't steam your veil on the wedding day morning. This is energy and time that can be used for actually enjoying other activities in your day.


When you are ready, you are more confident.


Order your breakfast for room service the night before. Go to bed early.


It’s up to you if you want to get ready together or separately. You can hide in different rooms of your Airbnb or an additional half-day room rental could be your thing (if this option is available at your hotel).

Don't forget to eat. It is important to have a healthy breakfast.

Bridal hair and makeup. Meet your makeup artist at the hotel lobby. Hair and makeup can take from 1,5 to 3 hours.

Getting dressed. You know how long that will take. Ask the makeup artist to help make sure your dress is secure and together put on a veil and jewelry. She will help you pin everything. Do a final check (rings, phones, some extra cash for takeaway coffee… make sure you’re ready).

Packing. And you’re ready to go.

Going to the ceremony location. Jump in the car. The officiant and photographer are waiting for you!


Meet your team. After you get to your ceremony spot, take extra time to meet your officiant. She will take your rings.


Ceremony. A classic elopement wedding ceremony is :

  • Opening remarks. The wedding ceremony opening remarks are a warm welcome: "We are gathered together on this day..."

  • Your story. Your officiant may take this moment to speak about your love and engagement story. About you as a couple.

  • I DO's. "Do you Anna take James to be your husband?"

  • Ring and vow exchange. "I give you this ring as a symbol of my love and I promise you..."

  • Declaration of your marriage. Your officiant makes it official. "I now pronounce you married!"

  • Your first kiss as a married couple.

  • The signing of your symbolic certificates.

And champagne toast!


If you choose to add readings and vows, your ceremony will typically last around 20-30 minutes. Remember, you can always personalize your elopement ceremony. Adventure elopements are all about creativity and freedom!


Photos after the ceremony. Add extra 15 minutes to take group photos if you have guests invited. Or for just the two of you.


Taking awesome photos in awesome places is what really defines a Paris elopement. Your wedding photos should reflect your own style. We know the best places in Paris and offer our couples different locations to visit. We’re responsible for your wedding day. We take care of the planning and logistics and create the most organized and well-coordinated event. Hop in the car and enjoy your photoshoot!


We are glad to help you and teach some great posing. All you have to do is be yourself, have fun and enjoy each other. Be proud, be confident, and most of all, be happy.


How many locations can you visit? This definitely depends on your chosen package and shooting hours. We offer a selection of available locations and plan a personalized timeline together. But in general, 3 to 4 locations is more than enough.


As the photoshoot ends, we get back to your hotel or apartments. And so begins your married life!

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