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Article by — Tim, Paris elopement planner

Photoshoot is over, you are back at your hotel or Airbnb after your sunrise elopement. What to do the rest of the day?

First things first, it's essential to take a nap after your long photoshoot. While it's fun to walk around Paris, it can also be exhausting, so taking a nap for a few hours is highly recommended. Believe me, posing is hard. That's why models are paid a lot. All our couples return back to the hotel and fall on the bed like they just finished a marathon. That happens because the couple is pre-exhausted by jetlag, preparations, and then a super hard photoshoot on top. We really recommend scheduling at least 4 to 5 hour nap immediately after.

Once you've gotten some rest, consider having a quiet lunch at a local café or restaurant near your hotel. Paris is famous for its delicious food, and indulging in local cuisine is an excellent way to celebrate your intimate wedding day with your significant other. Why local? Choose something near your hotel or Airbnb because even after the nap you will be probably still tired without desire to drive somewhere for a long time. We recommend booking it for around 19-20h.

We do not recommend booking any activities as couples are usually tired immediately after the photoshoot, so it's good to have some downtime to relax before the celebration dinner.

We recommend booking a restaurant for your actual wedding dinner only the next day after the elopement.

For the actual celebration dinner, we highly recommend going to a restaurant with excellent cuisine and an atmosphere that's ideal for couples. You can find several of these restaurants in the city that serve French cuisine and offer exquisite wine selections. Make sure to reserve it beforehand so that everything goes smoothly.

It's also essential to spend quality time with your partner to let the love and excitement from the big day sink in. Relax, take things slowly, and cherish the memories of your sunrise elopement in Paris. Do not overpack the elopement day with activities.

To summarize: elopement is over → nap for 4-5 hours → local restaurant nearby to eat → long night of sleep → actual wedding celebration dinner only the next day to fully enjoy it relaxed and well-rested

Take your time to rest, enjoy the local cuisine, explore the city, and dine at wonderful restaurants.

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