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Article by — Helene, Paris elopement planner, helping brides since 2012

The famous Eiffel Tower terrace...yes, it is here!



Shangri-La Paris is located in a 19th-century residence in the fancy 16th arrondissement. The best location in Paris, within walking proximity of the Eiffel Tower. In the former mansion built in 1896 for Prince Roland Bonaparte. Just across the Seine from the Eiffel Tower.

Why its location is impor
tant? Phenomenal Eiffel views! You can watch the Eiffel Tower up close and you feel you can hold the Tower in your hands. There is no other hotel in Paris where the Tower will be so close.

Luxurious French hotel inspired by the Louis XIV style, for you to feel like royalty.


You arrive at the Shangri-La Paris and see this beautiful French building, but when you get to your room...



I don't even know where to begin... so basically, everything luxurious we can even imagine exists there. Spa, ballrooms, countless suites, bars, and restaurants.

You don't have to do a lot of planning for your trip. Bars and restaurants will be there for you at the hotel. You don't need to worry about transportation, you are living in central Paris, you just can walk everywhere. And hotel concierge service will help you with tickets and bookings.


Let's do a quick tour:


View of the hotel entry from outside


The hotel guest check-in procedure is here


A palace isn’t a palace without details and fresh flowers


Shangri-La Hotel Paris famous staircase

IMG (145).jpg

From some of the rooms, couples can access the terrace with its breathtaking view of the Tower


Ballrooms with entirely restored decor, perfect for enjoying a wedding day



Many couples are in love with these famous stairs and terraces. To take photos there, you have to be a client of the Shangri La hotel, and book a room for at least one night. You can use or book directly through their website.


Photoshoot permission is necessary. This is very important, after the booking has been confirmed, you need to send them an email to request a photo shoot permission. Something like “Hello, we just booked the room under the name (insert your name here) and we would like to ask for a photoshoot permission for this date”. It’s free and you don’t need to pay anything additional. But you need to warn them since it’s a 5* hotel and security is very strict. They respect the privacy of their clients so no impulsive photo shoots in public areas.

Here are our favorite places for photos at Shangri-La Paris:


We can start with bridal shots near the window at your room: dress, shoes, bride wearing a robe

IMG (137)(2).jpg

Different rooms have different vibes, we try to work with that

IMG (129).jpg

First look is romantic, we always recreate it

This golden ballroom is not always available, sometimes it is closed for events. But if it is open, that's our favorite place for portraits :


Luxurious and bathed in light


It can be your photoshoot place if you like an all-white wedding

And of course, we take photos outside the hotel. If you have some extra budget to rent a Rolls Royce (around €600-700), that can be your photoshoot prop. Imagine your photos with a car and Champagne outside the hotel, after the ceremony:


The car arrives directly to hotel for your photoshoot


For this photo, we asked hotel staff to hide behind columns of the building



The most exciting part!


Shangri-La Paris has several terrace suites available for ceremonies.

Important! Not every room has a terrace, some of them have simple balconies or windows. If you want to work with our team and plan a wedding here, never book a random room until we double-check that it is the right one.

We have our two favorite rooms for ceremonies.

Any room can be decorated. With floral arch, floral stands, or other floral arrangements.

​Stone terrace with balustrade is a part of their duplex suite. I am writing this article on January 12, 2023. And right now this room will be 6k, but this might change. Price is for reference only, please check their website.


I would recommend this terrace for an elopement without any guests, it is not very big


This view is unique, you will never find anything like this at other hotels

The second room we love is called La Suite Shangri-La. It is much bigger, a modern apartment in the sky. With a total living area of 500 sqm. I am writing this article on January 12, 2023. And right now this room will be €19k, but this might change. Price is for reference only, please check their website.

IMG (141)(1).jpg

A grand terrace for your ceremony, under the sky of Paris

IMG (142).jpg

What a view!

Here is your plan if you decided to have your ceremony at Shangri-La Paris:


1. Contact us to check for the available dates

2. We will send you room links so you can check if rooms are available

3. You book our Carousel package

4. And book one of the rooms at the same time directly on their website

5. When everything is set, we start planning: ceremony, flowers, makeup etc

6. Closer to the date, we ask for a photoshoot permission

7. We can decorate the room or leave as is

8. On the wedding day, your makeup artist will come to Shangri-La Paris for your makeup. After that, we will have a beautiful ceremony. And hotel photoshoot. And then, we leave for the Paris photoshoot.

After-ceremony couple's shots and solo shots

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