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Article by — Helene, Paris elopement planner, helping brides since 2012

In our opinion, the rose is the best wedding flower.



Rose is available all year round. It is a pretty strong flower and can last till the end of the elopement day even if the weather is hot and humid.


Roses look good with any type of wedding outfit, no matter what style you wear.


That’s why we absolutely love creating rose wedding bouquets.

Ivory rose and pale pink rose are the two main types of roses we work with. Of course, there are many other colors available. But we mostly work with ivory and pink, because that’s wedding classics.

In the US clear white roses are available, but in France, we don’t have them. We mostly have ivory or light green roses. I noticed that in some countries florists use clear 100% pure white roses that can be easily found on floral markets. And Pinterest is filled with pure white rose bouquets. But in France we do not have them. French floral markets have only ivory, slightly yellow, and green roses. So please note that. If you are choosing a white rose bouquet, it will always have this ivory undertone. Because we don't have pure white roses, only ivory. But they still look gorgeous!


So white rose bouquet will look like this, still white but with soft ivory undertones in the middle :


White roses in France



I can make a bouquet for you using white or pale pink roses. There are many other tones available, from hot yellow to magenta and even black. But these two are the best, the most popular.


Here is a real-life photo so you can see how they look in natural light, compared to my skin tone.

WhatsApp Image 2023-01-10 at 17.47.48.jpeg

Here is how white roses look in real life

WhatsApp Image 2023-01-10 at 17.47.48(1).jpeg

Here is how pale pink roses look in real life

Hope that you liked them, both are equally beautiful.


But in general, I recommend white roses if you have a high-contrast face (very dark hair and light blue or brown eyes). And pale pink roses if you have a medium contrast face as I do. If you have peach skin and light brown hair, white roses might be too bright and steal away all the attention from your face.

Okay, so here are some of the most popular bouquet options made with roses.

Classic round bouquet

It is the most classic and traditional wedding bouquet. A round bouquet made with ivory roses and other flowers can be added. We can add a little greenery. But overall the best choice if you would like to have a luxurious opulent bouquet. Simply timeless. We recommend this bouquet for high-contrast brides.


Classic round white rose bouquet

Modern bouquet with long stems

These bouquets are great for fashion forward brides. It can be smaller and rounder. Or bigger with stems put together.

IMG (137)(1).jpg

White rose bouquet with long stems


Paris has a very light and airy essence. And white roses

perfectly fit its style

Oval bouquet

It is a mix between the classic round bouquet and the modern long-stem bouquet. This bouquet has an oval shape, almost like a letter v-shaped. Medium-length stems. A perfect option if you want a classic bouquet with a little modern trendy touch.


Oval bouquet with medium-length stems

Roses with greenery

We can add roses to a colorful bouquet and mix them with greenery. We recommend this option for medium-contrast brides.

IMG (1)(2).jpg

White roses mixed with greenery and other flowers



Rose is the best wedding flower because it lasts long and fits everyone. A symbol of romance and elegance. You can choose different shapes and mix roses with other flowers. But please always remember about your contrast type so that your rose bouquet does not overshine you.

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