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Article by — Helene, Paris elopement planner, helping brides since 2012

How to have a retro car for your Paris elopement or photoshoot?

Here is a plan to follow.



​This vintage car in the photo is not our default transportation. Although I wish it was because it's super cool. In our wedding and photoshoot packages, we offer a regular gray Peugeot, economy class transportation. So if you'd like to have something fancier, you'll need to book a retro car separately.

And of course, we do not remove our car's price from the package since our whole team still needs transportation for the day.

WhatsApp Image 2022-12-13 at 21.00.50.jpeg

On the left is our gray Peugeot which is included in all our packages. For any vintage car like the one on the right you'll need  to make separate reservations



How exactly to book it? Since our elopement packages don't include any additional coordination services, we ask you to book a car yourself. There are plenty of other companies that offer vintage and retro car rental:

You just can type "retro car in Paris" in Google or Instagram and do your research as well to find your dream car.

car 11.jpg



Then you'll need to reach out to the company and ask about the available date.


Send this message: "We are working with the Do it Paris Way team and we'd like to book a car for our elopement. The ceremony will be at (here you insert your ceremony location). We will start at sunrise, so we will need a car at early morning. I will send you an exact timeline 2-3 days before the wedding".

When you pre-booked the car, please let us know. Send me a message with a conversation screenshot and company name.



1) Driver arrives at the meeting point after the ceremony if your ceremony is at the Eiffel Tower. For Tuileries it's different

2) You don't actually drive the car like in our photos. There is a driver who is responsible for the car. You just jump inside for 5-10 minutes to take some photos. Between the locations, you travel with Tim


3) You need a car for 2,5 hours max. To take photos with a car and Eiffel Tower and another additional location. That's it. You don't need a car for the whole shoot.


And please note that we also charge an additional €300 for a photoshoot prolongation if you book a retro car. Since if there is a car included, the whole process takes longer. With a car, there is 30-40 minutes additional time at every location for parking spots, logistics, photos, etc. The whole shoot is 2x longer.

car 3.jpg
car 4.jpg

Since photoshoot with car is usually longer, we charge additional €300 for a photoshoot prolongation



Booking a vintage car is a great way to add a touch of unique french elegance to your wedding day. We do not include coordination or communication services with car companies. So if you like car photoshoot idea, you'll have to reach out to a car company and organize everything. Ask about prices, payment and confirm that the timeline will be ready 2-3 days before the elopement date. Book this car for 2 hours and 1-2 photoshoot locations, not longer. And Tim will help you with posing and take gorgeous photos.

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