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Article by — Helene, Paris elopement planner, helping brides since 2012

Are you beginning to plan your one and only magical day in Paris?


I am sure some brides-to-be are overwhelmed by tons of wedding photos and ideas. And can be lost when we ask for inspiration and wedding vision.


We work only with inspirational boards. We never skip this step, it is the most important thing in the planning process. Please read this guide and follow every step, because your organized inspiration is 80% of the successful wedding.


What to save on your Pinterest board? What not to save? How to do it when you are working with Do it Paris way? Here is our guide.

1. Creating your board and naming it


Please create your Pinterest board named by date + your first names. Please write specifically your date plus name, and not just some random words like "Paris elopement" or "Our Wedding in Paris". Because as wedding planners, we have 40+ boards for every season. And if everything is called "Paris elopement" it would be impossible for us to find the right one.


VMay 24, 2024 Anna & David

V24/05/24 Anna & David


XOur wedding

XParis elopement

XOur wedding in France

And then create folders inside it.

If you are worried that your family might see everything, please create it from an anonymous email address and anonymous Pinterest account, but keep your first names and date.

Please do not write fake names or fake dates. Because when I see the wrong names for some date, I will panic that there is a double booking and two couples have the same plans.

2. Folders inside your board


For perfect organization, we ask to create a folder for every category. If you put everything together on a main board, it will be super difficult for us to work with it. We need a separate folder to send to the florist, separate folders for photographer etc.

Inside your board, we ask you to create these folders:

Folder 1 - About you. We need this part to meet you and see how your dress, suit, and style look. Important not only for our makeup artist but also for Tim to think about poses.  Please add there:

-bridal dress photo

-groom's suit photo


-your selfies

Folder 2 - Hair and makeup folder. This is necessary for our makeup and hair artist. Please add there:

-At least 2 makeup images you like

-At least 2-3 hair images you like

Folder 3 - Flowers. This is for Helene to order the right flowers. Please make sure all bouquets there match your season. And they have the same coherent look. Please add there at least 3 bouquet examples you like.

Folder 4 - Ceremony folder. Please name this folder by location. For example, "Trocadero ceremony". Or "Tuileries ceremony". Please add there:

-Specific ceremony shots from that location you like

-Detail shots

-Any other poses and ideas for the ceremony

And then we ask you to create separate folders for every photoshoot location you selected. For example:

Folder 5 - Petit Palais photoshoot

Folder 6 - Louvre gallery photoshoot

Folder 7- Tuileries photoshoot

Please add 3 to 7 pins to every folder. Poses, angle ideas etc. Not more than 7. Please do not add too many images, because it will be too overwhelming for us.

I created an imaginary board for 24/05/24 Anna & David wedding to illustrate the process:

WhatsApp Image 2023-05-23 at 14.05.47.jpeg

About us folder:

WhatsApp Image 2023-05-23 at 14.18.48.jpeg

Hair and makeup folder, Hairstyles I saved are similar to my own hair:

WhatsApp Image 2023-05-23 at 14.22.02.jpeg

Flowers folder. All bouquet examples have the same look and style, it is easy to understand what I want:

Screenshot 2024-02-04 204139.png



As a wedding planner, my mission is to bring your wedding dreams to life, ensuring every detail reflects your vision and style. A significant part of this vision often revolves around the bridal bouquet. When we receive inspo from the brides, we sometimes find there non-real silk flowers like black roses, light blue peonies, or navy blue lillies. While the idea of a brightly colored bouquet might seem appealing, it's essential to know these flowers do not exist in real life. Those are silk flowers, artificial. To check if your bouquet is real or not, follow the link that Pin has. Where it goes? If the destination is Etsy seller of silk flowers, most likely those are not real.

Understanding whether your chosen bouquet consists of real or artificially colored silk flowers is crucial for achieving the desired aesthetic. Here are some key points to help you differentiate between the two.


How to understand if your chosen bouquet is real or human-made colored silk flowers?

Screenshot 2024-02-04 205207.png

If you are not sure whether your dream bouquet can be recreated, please ask Helene.

Let's continue with your dream board

Ceremony folder. Please note that we include photos at the ceremony spot only. If you like to take other portrait photos at this location, please create a separate folder and count this as a photoshoot location:

WhatsApp Image 2023-05-23 at 14.30.03.jpeg

And then a separate folder for every location with 3-7 pins inside:

  • For the Carousel package we include 3 locations, €250 extra location

  • For the Chateau Sceaux package, we include 2 Paris locations, €400 extra location. If you are booking Chateau Sceaux package, please also add a folder with 5-10 castle photo shoot pins



Please copy a full location name. If it is a Trocadero location, please copy the word "Trocadero", don't just write "Eiffel Tower location". We need very specific and precise info:

WhatsApp Image 2023-05-23 at 14.51.42.jpeg

You can add both couples and solo shots. Here is what a good folder might look like:

WhatsApp Image 2023-05-23 at 14.53.34.jpeg

You can also add some folders for props, details, or solo shoots. When you are saving poses, please always analyze if they are possible with your wedding dress. Before saving a pose, imagine you wearing your dress, heels and veil and think if this pose will be doable:

WhatsApp Image 2023-05-23 at 14.58.33.jpeg

Some couples want to focus on Paris landmarks. But others want to add some candid moments to the photoshoot. If you like to have some motion and candid moments of the day, just two of you, without any landmarks, please add a folder named "Candid photos" and add 3-5 pins there as well. Not more than 5. It can be the bride inside the car, bridal solo shots in motion, details, couple closeup etc. As well as dancing, walking, laughing, and enjoying yourself. For example:


But please be very specific and make sure that every photo is doable. Please be careful with car photos and poses. Please do not add any convertible vintage car poses if you do not plan on renting one. Because we have a regular normal car, not possible to recreate some of them inside our car:


3. What not to save

Do not save random pretty pictures you like, if they are not relevant for your Paris elopement shoot. For example, pictures of cakes, food, decorations, props you don't plan to buy, etc:

WhatsApp Image 2023-05-23 at 15.02.46.jpeg

This board is the most time-consuming part when planning your elopement. When it's ready, 80% of planning is done.

And if you decided to change your mind on some options, please delete pins that are no longer relevant. Before sending the board, make sure all photos are representative and can be used as references. Because we don't want to make a bouquet based on some old image that you don't like anymore.

Please, add every image to the board. Previously we had brides who sent some inspirational images by email, part as Instagram posts and the last part saved on the board. It is difficult to find them after, all over different social media and collect. Please, save all images to your board, even if you already sent them by email. Let's organize everything in one safe place.

4. How to share it

We will need this board multiple times from different devices during the whole planning process. So please make sure your link works, your board is not private and all pins are visible. If you are worried that your family might see your selfies/dress etc, please don't post any selfies and send them privately by email to Helene. But overall we need your board to be public.

Before sharing the board, please go through all your pins one last time and delete everything that is no longer relevant that you saved before.

We ask you for one working link that leads to your full board and will be accessible from any device anytime.

Here are the steps to make a Pinterest board public and send it to Helene:

1. Log in to your Pinterest account and navigate to the board you want to make public

2. Click on the board to open it

3. On the top right corner of the board, you will see a "three-dot" icon. Click on it to open the dropdown menu

4. From the dropdown menu, select "Edit Board"

5. On the next window, scroll down to "Visibility". If the board is currently marked as "Secret", click the toggle to make it "Public"

6. Once the board is public, you can share it with Helene by sending the link to the board. To get the link to the board, go back to the board and click on the "three-dot" icon again. This time, choose "Copy link" from the dropdown menu.

When I click on the link, I will be able to view your Pinterest board and its content. For example, when I am at a floral shop and need to place an order for your flowers, I can open my email, check your board from my iPhone and select your flowers.

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