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Planning and photography by Tim

Story by Helene

The journey of capturing beautiful wedding memories not only relies on the photographer's skills but also on the clients' confidence and comfort in front of the camera. This case study explores how we prioritize our clients' needs and empower them to feel at ease, ensuring their wedding photography experience is enjoyable and memorable.


From the start, we try to understand the top priorities for the photoshoot. How you can help us understand your couple's preferences, personalities, and love story? Pinterest board with inspiration! I am sure, I already sent you useful instructions in private. Your vision for the wedding day is the most important thing!


Meet Hyekyeong and Martin, the sweetest couple who have been together for many blissful years. They share a mutual interest in traveling and have embarked on numerous journeys together.


PDF screenshots from the bride - outfits


PDF screenshots from the bride - photoshoot inspiration

Outfit change between the locations is a great idea to have more interesting photos. When it came to the photoshoot, Hyekyeong and Martin asked for:

1. Priority of wide-angle photos, to capture more Paris is the background
2. Classic and elegant poses


We planned this event at sunrise, to avoid people around us. This already is a massive game changer. You immediately feel more confident when there is nobody around and no one is watching, right?

Here is our ceremony privacy/intimacy ranking for future couples:



The view of the Eiffel Tower from the River Seine is absolutely amazing! It's a famous landmark in Paris that you can see when you're near the Iena bridge. The tower is super tall and looks so elegant against the skyline of the city. It's made of a special kind of metal that's all crisscrossed together, and you can see it up close as you get by. But the main reason to choose this location is its intimacy. The River Seine is hidden from the busy tourist paths. It offers a sense of tranquility. With fewer people around, couples can exchange their vows in a serene and private setting. The calm and gentle flow of the river adds the romantic ambiance, making it great place to say "I do."


A romantic ring exchange


Hyekyeong and Martin, a truly gorgeous couple


Sunrise sunlight as a backdrop


And the big kiss!

What can we recommend for future couples who are worried to feel anxious before the wedding ceremony? Relaxation is crucial. Here are some tips to help you relax:

1. Practice standing and looking at each other with a serious face, while holding hands, for at least 2 minutes without bursting out laughing
2. Deep breathing during the actual ceremony. Take slow, deep breaths in through your nose and out through your mouth. This helps regulate your heart rate and reduce anxiety.

Here are some of the great affirmations:

  • "Marrying my best friend today and it is what I wanted for a long time"

  • "I am a beautiful and confident bride"

  • "My dream elopement is going according to plan"

  • "I will enjoy my perfect wedding day, and no anxiety can stop that"

Weddings can be extremely stressful and that is normal. You got this!


Tim is experienced in helping couples with beautiful posing. He captures the best angles.


Here's how Tim provides guidance with posing:
1. Experienced suggestions. Tim has secret knowledge of posing techniques that work well for couples.
2. Demonstrations. He often demonstrates himself by showing the desired body positions and expressions.
3. Clear instructions. Tim will communicate precise directions to guide your body. Where to place your hands, how to angle your heads, and how to create natural and relaxed expressions. You can trust him and repeat these clear instructions.
4. Adjustments for comfort. Tim understands that each couple is unique and has different levels of comfort. If your poses from your inspirational board are too overwhelming, he makes adjustments.
5. Candid and natural moments. While staged posing is essential, Tim also encourages candid and natural moments. Opportunities for genuine interactions between the couple.


For this pose, we asked the couple to hold hands, and look at each other

The secret behind this photo?

Specially invited person who will throw the veil and can be seen in unedited photos only:


Swish swish, later edited out


A classic pose, easy and very elegant

Hyekyeong loved this Trocadeo view for the photoshoot. True, I agree. It is one of the best locations. Yes, it can be crowded. But still worth it. And plus, we edit out people in photos.


This pose looks more complicated. The secret is to throw the dress with your left hand only

We love capturing a perfect kiss in photos! Here are some tips to help you. Relax and be natural, the key to a beautiful kiss photo is to be genuine and relaxed. And the most important thing, you don't actually kiss. You just put your lips closer, but not touching.


Tim: "Then, the classic kiss always works. I know some couples ask not to kiss, for example, for religious reasons. Totally fine, but please let me know before the shoot if you prefer not to kiss"


A perfect romantic kiss in Paris


Posture is important for taking a beautiful photo. Stand up straight and pull your shoulders back

Solo portraits? Let's accentuate your natural curves! Keep the weight on one leg. Avoid standing with equal weight on both legs and instead, gently lean and transfer the weight to one foot. This subtle adjustment allows the other leg to naturally bend at the knee, creating a more relaxed appearance. Additionally, this pose enhances your body's natural curves by subtly emphasizing the hip, showcasing a sexy silhouette.


Hyekyeong embraces Parisian glamour at the Eiffel tower


A stunning bride stands gracefully in her wedding dress!


We also help with groom's posing! The elegance of a gentleman in a tuxedo

Parisian street L'avenue de Camoëns was our next ideal setting. How can this street help you with posing? The whole street can be used as a prop itself. You can walk or run. You can sit on a balcony, kiss on a balcony, or hold hands. Posing becomes easier when you interact with the environment. Parisian streets are any couple's dream, offering endless possibilities to capture the city's timeless beauty.


Focus on romantic details


The soft sunlight illuminates Hyekyeong's joyful smile


Paris, the city of love, embraces the bride as she becomes a part of its captivating story


Natural poses, that anyone can recreate


Smile with your eyes and soften your lips


For this pose we asked to hug each other and talk about love

It is easier to pose in a short cocktail dress compared to a long gown. Short cocktail dresses provide more freedom of movement, as they typically end above or around the knee, allowing for easier and more comfortable spins and walks. This shorter length allows you to walk without worrying about stepping on the hem or tripping over the fabric. So, if you feel that you might be not very confident at posing, do not make it even more difficult with heavy dress.

Remember: classic wedding dresses restrict your mobility.


Hyekyeong and Martin changed their outfits to casual and their posing immediately became more playful

Your skill of posing for photos is trained like a muscle. As you embrace different poses and strike a confident posture, you may notice a remarkable improvement. As our 12 years of experience shows, after first hour of photoshoot clients are already posing pros and can proceed to more difficult movement poses and do them very good:


We will teach you a classy run, but remember, run is for short dress only

Your skill of posing for photos is trained like a muscle. As you embrace different poses and strike a confident posture, you may notice a remarkable improvement. As our 12 years of experience shows, after first hour of photoshoot clients are already posing pros and can proceed to more difficult movement poses and do them very good:


Posing empowers you to embrace your individuality


It is through the process that you discover your confidence


Hyekyeong and Martin, allowing their authentic self to shine through


Blossom like never before!

Posing for photos is a fun and enjoyable experience. It allows you to express your creativity, personality, style, and individuality. So, embrace the fun side of posing, let your imagination run wild!


A dramatic pose, why not?


Elements from the environment enhance your poses


Relax, have fun, and enjoy the process

I hope you enjoyed this case study. Scroll below to read about the most common pre-photoshoot fear!


On behalf of our team, I want to express our heartfelt gratitude to Hyekyeong and Martin for trusting us and choosing our services. We are thrilled that you have decided to book with us, and we are committed to ensuring that your experience surpasses your expectations!


Let's now talk about some potential pre-photoshoot fears that future couples might have:

Concern 1: I don’t know my best angles. What if I look not very good in photos because I don’t know how to pose and what side of my face and body to show?
Answer: This is what we begin with. And it’s a problem that has a super easy solution. You need one spare evening to fix it. What to do? You open your Pinterest where you collected all your photoshoot poses. And you both try to recreate them in front of the mirror. Both solo and couples shoots. It’s super important to have a full-body-size mirror. Or you can use your phone's camera to record short videos. Put your phone in front of you at your eye level, and press record video. Do some poses. And then check the footage later. You will see what the photographer sees. Recreate each and every pose from your inspiration board in front of the mirror and record in on video to watch how it looks.

Concern 2: What if the photographer chooses the photos where I don't like myself and ignores the good ones?
Answer: Totally normal to think about it. If you are concerned about that, there is an option for you to receive all originals and make a selection yourself. Please do not hesitate to reach out.

Concern 3: I am not confident about some of my body parts, for example, I don’t like my arms and double chin.
Answer: That’s simple, that’s not even a problem. You send us a list before the photoshoot and we edit it accordingly to your request. Arms can easily become thinner. Stomach flat. We can add or remove curves at any part of your body.

Concern 4: I am insecure, I believe I’m not photogenic.
Answer: I honestly don’t know what to do with that. It’s only the most attractive people who think this wat. Literally, the prettiest brides are always the most insecure ones. My guess is that during their childhood, people were jealous of how they looked. And they were constantly told about each their flow. Their friends or even family critiqued their beautiful appearance to make themselves feel better. Jealous people in school always tear you down to bring themselves up. I don’t know what to do with it. I recommend you ignore these thoughts about insecurity. My experience shows that the more insecure you are, the better you look, so no reason to worry.

Concern 5: When posing for the camera, I’m afraid that I will be negatively judged on how I come across in the photo.
Answer: Photographers focus on how they can help their clients feel more confident rather than judging client's appearance. In general, photographers approach their couples with professionalism, respect, and non-judgmental attitudes. I promise we do not judge or criticize. There is absolutely no pressure on you to look or act perfect. Just be yourself!

Concern 6: I might have performance anxiety, also known as stage fright, I am not comfortable in situations where I am expected to perform in front of an audience or someone.

Answer:  There is no reason to put too much pressure on your shoulders. You are not alone. There is Tim who will help you and give full guidance. So, let go of any worries, embrace the journey, and have faith in your wedding photographer's ability to immortalize your love in breathtaking photographs. Don't be afraid to double ask if you did not understand something, he will never judge and always help.


Tim: "You have to understand that help with posing is a huge part of my job. I will not judge anyone, you can ask me any questions. I am your safe space!"


The Carousel elopement package is a smart wedding option and we are super proud of it. It combines price and quality, and our 12 years of wedding planning experience in Paris.

With years of experience, we have carefully selected top-tier vendors and perfected the logistics to ensure a seamless and stress-free wedding day. From the stunning ceremony location to Tim's skilled photography, designed to create lasting memories.

Our team takes immense pride in creating unforgettable experiences for couples from all over the world.

Book now and let us take care of the rest!



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