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Inez and Ben wanted to have a fun and memorable day without any stress of planning. They analyzed some different options and destinations.  Paris seemed to be the best one.

After all the stress and uncertainty that came with covid, Inez and Ben just wanted to finally relax, enjoy the moment and have a romantic celebration.

Professional wedding video from Sou

Iphone vlog



Inez (a lawyer) and Ben (runs his own business) met online in 2015 while living in different cities 5 hours apart. They talked for a couple of weeks and finally, Inez took a leap of faith and a 5-hour bus to meet a stranger (Ben)!

Over 3 years Ben wrote countless poems for Inez in a wooden book he made her their first Christmas together. In these poems was a secret proposal. In December 2018, surrounded by family, Ben regifted Inez the book of poems he had given her.

Inez shared a story : "Our first Christmas together Ben made me a wooden handmade book with my name engraved on the front. Inside the book, Ben engraved a poem that we both loved by Tyler Knott 'You are exactly precisely and perfectly what I waited for'

Before we had even met, Ben mailed me a care package and inside of it was Tyler Knott's book of poems and he had bookmarked that poem. Also inside the book was a poem that Ben had personally written for me and typed up. Every so often Ben would write me a poem then type it up and add it to the book. Over three years he wrote me 26 poems. In December 2018, surrounded by our families, Ben gifted me the book once more but this time he said he had finished it. He asked me to read the first word from each poem, which was another poem of itself


'It may be easy for you to see how much you're a part of me. I can not imagine life without you. Will you marry me?'


I said yes"


Inez contacted us in August 2021. She wanted to have a May wedding.

"I think we are leaning towards a May elopement as we want warm weather and fewer crowds. We are fine with a weekday wedding if it means fewer crowds and more privacy." - said Inez.

We were excited to begin planning their day.

She sent us a first message "As a bit of a backstory, we had a destination wedding planned in Mexico with friends and family but had to postpone in 2020 due to Covid-19. We were planning to have the wedding in November 2021 but many people are uncomfortable traveling and want us to postpone again. So, my fiance and I decided that we will cancel the plans in Mexico and elope in Paris instead! This way we do not have to try and make everyone happy"

Inez was organized and during the planning process she sent us smart and practical questions:

1) Is it possible to send inspiration pictures for the bouquet?
2) How many locations to take pictures at after the ceremony?
3) Is there any particular time in May that is better to get married in Paris, for example beginning or end of May?
4) How much of a deposit to secure dates?

We helped her with every question she had.

Inez and Ben finalized "We would describe the overall feel of our wedding as modern, romantic, elegant, intimate and fun"


Inez booked May 12, 2022 by sending a deposit and signed a contract.

The planning process took around 4-5 months. We did it by email and 2 weeks before the wedding Helene created a group WhatsApp.

It was so interesting to work with Inez and Ben. Inez had such an awesome sense of style. We were in love with all her ideas. We were so impatient to finally capture the event on camera and post all these beautiful photos.

Here is a summary of the wedding day we planned:

  • Wedding date - May 12, 2022

  • Chosen package - the Carousel all-inclusive elopement package

  • People - bride, groom, and 4 guests

  • The ceremony location she picked was the Trocadero


Trocadero Eiffel Tower view Inez loved so much


Bright blue sky, plenty of sunshine, and wonderfully long days. Rain is minimal and May is perfect for a wedding at the Eiffel Tower.


This month epitomizes Spring with lots of flowers blooming in all the city's parks and gardens.

On the day of the wedding, the weather was amazing. Our couple was delighted by how pleasant the sunrise was.


Sunrise in May is around 6:10 AM.


We planned the timeline to start the day with sunrise. We always try to start at sunrise at avoid crowds and traffic.


Here is the timeline we created 2 days before the elopement :

4:30 AM makeup artist Yana is coming for bridal hair and makeup. Groom gets ready and packs bags for the day
6:00 AM pick up. Getting to the car, driving to Trocadero
06:30 Ceremony begins, dad is walking Inez down the aisle
06:50 Champagne
07:00 Paris portrait shoot begins
Transfer back to Airbnb

When the couple confirmed this timeline, we coordinated it with the team, including the makeup artist and the officiant.


We planned the logistics of the day. We created an individual route for Inez and Ben to visit all these places without spending too much time in traffic. Their Airbnb was in the Paris XVII district.


Inez wanted to have an elegant look.

"My dress is strapless, off white, and is a mermaid style wedding dress. I absolutely love the long train. I also love the details of the lace and beads in the dress." said Inez 


Dress photo from the fitting room and shoes with a ring box in the colors of the wedding


"Ben's ring is a brushed gold ring. My wedding band is white gold with 6 mounted diamonds"

- said Inez.

For the hair and makeup, Inez wanted to go for an elegant look. 

We created a group WhatsApp chat with our makeup artist Yana to discuss the details. Yana does both hair and makeup.

Here are reference images from Pinterest that Inez sent us:


IMAGE 2022-06-16 13_06_33.jpg
IMAGE 2022-06-16 13_06_32.jpg

We scheduled 1h30 for the hair and makeup. Yana arrived at the Airbnb and they began doing hair and makeup. Here is a final look: 



The color palette was in the theme of a fresh Spring. Inez asked for neutral colors (white flowers with greenery) with a touch of gold (gold heels, gold ring box). As a bouquet inspiration Inez sent us these images :


The bouquet on the left is artificial and can hardly be used as a reference since silk flowers are not exact shape and size as real flowers. But we analyzed her references and understood that:

-Inez wanted to have an organic-shaped garden-picked bouquet. The organic shape means that the bouquet should be oval, but not perfectly round. Like it was created by nature. Garden-picked means that various different greenery styles are used like this bouquet was freshly picked from somebody's garden just five minutes before the wedding

-White base and accent flowers

-White peonies added

Here are flowers we selected for her bouquet:


Flowers we prepared for the bridal bouquet: white and cream roses as a base flower, peonies as a mood-setting flower, and various greenery


Step 1 - Created a V-shape (base for oval bouquet) strong base from greenery that will hold the bouquet


Step 2 - Adding base flowers, white roses

And voila! Here is a final result:


Step 3 - Adding peonies from the sides, symetrically


Step 4 - Putting all together, almost done. Need to cut stems and fix flowers together


Our selection of ivory ribbons... which one to choose? This is a top-quality satin made specially for flowers

And voila! Here is the final result:


For the boutonnière we always use a special clip so it's super easy to put it on and attach:



Inez and Ben arrived in Paris 3 days before the wedding. They spent this time enjoying the city. The day before the wedding, the whole family went to Opéra national de Paris (also called Palais Garnier).

WhatsApp Image 2022-06-30 at 15.46.03.jpeg

French history and the high society spirit at the Opera of Paris. Great architecture everywhere you look. Inez recommends this place. Get your tickets (€14 per person) at


Before going to bed, Helene sent a confirmation message that everything is ready. Pre-wedding anxiety is real and has no cure!


Their big day began at 4:30 AM. The couple woke up, ready for their elopement. Yana arrived to their airbnb, and started doing hair and makeup, while Ben packed bags for the day - rings with a box, wet wipes, some cash, phones and chargers.


Inez and Ben wanted to have a classic wedding ceremony with an Eiffel Tower view.

We created a personalized ceremony script and the couple confirmed it.

4 guests enjoyed this beautiful moment with Inez and Ben, Inez's parents (on the right) and Ben's parents (on the left). 

It was a beautiful cotton candy sunrise. Inez asked dad to walk her down the aisle. This was a memorable and emotional moment. By doing this beautiful tradition, you can give the spotlight on the influence the parents had on your life.



Dad is walking Inez down the aisle. A heartfelt way to include parents


And let the ceremony begin!


Your heart stops beating when the love of your life reads a wedding vow


Moments you will remember forever


And here goes the ring exchange


Emotional moments for the parents as well, crying happy tears


Certificates... and married! You may kiss the bride!


Eloped to Paris to get married at the Eiffel Tower!

And we celebrated this marriage with the finest French champagne :


Cheers to their new family

After the ceremony we always take group photos with family and friends. Here are some examples. What a precious and memorable moment!


Inez, Ben and parents


Photos to cherish forever

After the ceremony ended, we helped parents with Uber. They returned to Airbnb. And the couple was ready to begin their Paris portrait photoshoot.



Ceremony is over, and now you are walking away as a married couple


At Trocadero, we did both closeups and wide-angle shots


Light was just perfect!


In our opinion, Trocadero is the best Eiffel Tower view. It really is a piece of art. The view from the very top is breathtaking


Love, love, love!


Bridal shots for Inez, she is a star of the day!


You can do these epic veil shots only in Paris


Can you imagine yourself posing for the camera?


In the package: 4 Paris locations included in the all-inclusive package and 1 additional choice.

Expectations: Inez and Ben sent us the locations and poses from Pinterest they liked the most.

We offered: a list of locations from our collection of the best places.

Final choice: Inez picked Eiffel balcony L'avenue de Camoëns, Tuileries Gardens, Louvre gallery, Louvre pyramids and doors, Cour Carrée.​​​

1. Eiffel balcony L'avenue de Camoëns. Avenue de Camoens itself is a very picturesque street with a balcony overlooking the Eiffel Tower.


For this pose, we asked the couple to think about each other and their love. And they immediately kissed!


To be honest, this shot was for video (see on top of the page), but it was so good, Tim captured some photos as well

WhatsApp Image 2022-06-30 at 21.27.12.jpeg

Walking around Paris and having fun

2. Tuileries Gardens. Louis XIII was only 9 years old when he inherited one of the most amazing gardens in Paris at that time. As expected, little Louis XIII turned the whole place into a mini-zoo and organised playful activities for his friends. How lucky can a boy get?


Green area is a signature look of this location


Couple's shots and solo shots


We took some bridal shots as well. And for that, the veil needs to be placed perfectly. On the left - the bacskatge moment vs final result on the right

3. Louvre gallery. The Louvre museum is home to the best and most famous art. It would take you around 200 days to see each of the 35,000 works of art on display at the museum if you took 30 seconds to see each and every piece.


Famous Louvre gallery


Breathtaking, the history and every place has so much to tell. One of a kind place, a 100% must-see during your visit to Paris

And of course, we edited out the people and constructions everywhere. So photos look like the couple is enjoying Paris just for themselves.

4. Louvre pyramids. When the design was initially presented, the pyramid (made from glass) sparked much media controversy and unleashed discussions on both aesthetic and technical grounds. But now it's a place everyone loves. Unbelievable tourist attraction. There are miles and miles of things to see in this museum.


Panoramic shot and you can't imagine how much time we spent editing out the people


For this pose, we asked Ben to imagine he is walking her princess, like in a Disney movie

5. Cour Carrée. The Cour Carrée (Square Court) is one of the main courtyards of the Louvre Palace in Paris


Standing and looking at each other, simple poses are always lovely


And of course, we edited out the people and constructions everywhere. So photos look like the couple is enjoying Paris just for themselves :



After the photoshoot, we dropped the couple off at their Airbnb. Inez and Ben relaxed for an hour, and changed to casual outfits. And then went to climb Eiffel Tower.

WhatsApp Image 2022-07-01 at 03.04.30.jpeg
WhatsApp Image 2022-07-01 at 03.04.31(1).jpeg

A true classic and Parisian icon. Ascend to the top, if you have the time

The views are breathtaking. It's totally safe and you will see Paris from the sky.

Inez said "I was in Paris in 2010 and got to go up the Eiffel Tower it was really special to be back with Ben because I always dreamed of coming back with my future husband haha ❤️


The line went by really quick! We bought tickets in advance. It was really great we all enjoyed it! Really windy"

For the dinner, Inez and Ben booked a River Seine cruise dinner option. It was lovely to come from an intense wedding day photo and video shoot to relax on board the comfortable boat provided for the cruise. The sights were great to see while having a tasty meal.

Excellent atmosphere and a very romantic way to see City of Love.

WhatsApp Image 2022-07-01 at 03.16.05(1).jpeg

On a boat, just before the dinner was served


We say thank you to Inez and Ben! It was such a pleasure meeting the couple and working together.


The team that worked on set - Helene (assisting and backstage), Sou (videography), Nathalie (Officiant) and Tim (planning, coordination and photography).


Makeup artist Yana
IG : @makeupparisyana

Videographer Souhail (short Sou)
IG : @sou_in_paris

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