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Bonjour! We are Tim and Helene, Paris elopement planners and photographers. You are here because you are invited to a beautiful event, a romantic wedding in Paris. Nice to meet you! Navigating the world of a destination event somewhere overseas can be a little tricky. We prepared answers to some of the biggest questions you might be asking.

Tim and Helene

What happens when you are invited as a guest to a Paris elopement with Do it Paris Way team?


  • You get ready and arrive at a specific location chosen by the couple for the elopement ceremony. We recommend that you arrive 10-15 minutes before the start of the ceremony, to make sure everyone is on time. Please don't worry if bride and groom are a little late. It can happen if we impulsively decide to do a first look or take some portraits

  • Our officiant meets everyone. We help guests to gather around where the couple will be saying their vows. Leaving front space open for photography

  • The couple is facing each other so that they are side on to their wedding guests and the officiant is in the middle:

IMG (6).jpg

Our classic wedding ceremony. River Seine, Paris

There is something quite special about family and friends joining the couple for their ceremony. To capture this precious moment we would say the best way to stand is comfortably with your back straight, shoulders relaxed, hands not holding anything:


We will help you and give posing guidance

The couple and officiant will stand at the altar which in Paris most likely be an Eiffel Tower or a gorgeous garden view:

IMG (63)(2).jpg

Tuileries ceremony with 4 guests

After the ceremony is over, we celebrate with champagne and take group photos. We take both family and individual shots, they are unlimited. As guests, please feel free to ask for any kind of photos:

IMG (85)(1).jpg

After ceremony family photos

What should I wear as a guest? Please have a chat with the bride and groom as it is a personal choice. Some couples have a color scheme, others give their loved ones full freedom. But usually, semi-formal cocktail attire is just perfect. In case it is a winter wedding (November-March), please bring a jacket.

When will it all begin? Early morning. We plan all our timelines based on the latest weather forecast. Bride and groom will send you a timeline 2-3 days before the date.

How to get to the ceremony? The bride and groom will give you the addresses for the location an information about transportation. Calling Uber is the fastest way to drive around Paris. One little thing we would like to ask you very kindly: please be as independent as possible with calling an Uber. I totally understand that it is just the easiest way to pass the responsibility, especially for the couple's parents and let the bride deal with Uber. But believe me, she will be overwhelmed to the max on her wedding day. Dear parents, we kindly ask you to download the Uber application in advance and get familiar with it, so the couple does not lose 30 minutes of their valuable photoshoot time trying to do it for you. Sorry if this sounds harsh, but it is true.

How do we meet each other? We ask someone from our team to meet guests at a certain location. While the bride and groom are traveling in our car. Usually, it's the ceremony officiant who meets you where Uber dropped you off. And then together you walk a couple of minutes to the exact ceremony spot.

What happens during the ceremony? A classic elopement wedding ceremony is :


  • Opening remarks. The wedding ceremony opening remarks are a warm welcome: "We are gathered together on this day..."

  • Couple's story. Your officiant may take this moment to speak about their love and engagement story. About them as a couple

  • I DO's. "Do you Anastasia take Alexander to be your husband?"

  • Ring and vow exchange. "I give you this ring as a symbol of my love and I promise you..."

  • Declaration of marriage. Your officiant makes it official. "I now pronounce you married!"

  • First kiss as a married couple

  • The signing of symbolic certificates


And champagne toast!

How should we stand and where to look? We will help you with that, no worries. The couple decides who stands on which side. The guests usually stand symmetrically from both sides, like this:


The guests usually stand symmetrically from both sides

What are the guests doing after the ceremony? Couple leaves for the photoshoot. You can either return to your hotel to relax. Or book a restaurant for lunch or breakfast. We recommend booking a River Seine day cruise. Please google "River Seine cruise trip" and you can book it online.

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