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Planning and photography by Tim

Story by Helene

This case study is about the groom who impulsively decided to plan a secret elopement in Paris after he realized that the original wedding wasn't what they expected it to be. And he managed to organize the whole event in just 5 days, the time couple had before leaving for Paris.

Disclaimer: you might see that the photography is slightly different from our other works. It is because this elopement took place back in 2019. When we had our old camera and lenses. So pictures look slightly dated. But we still decided to keep it on our website to show you how you can really plan a wedding in 5 days. It is a great elopement case study about rapid planning, from dream to reality: a last-minute elopement success story.


Sophia (pharmacist) and Michael (dentist) are together for 6 years. They met through a mutual friend. They both live in Germany.


Sophia is a dedicated traveler. The first thing you notice about her is the way she carries herself. She walks with confidence, but there's something else behind it too - she is balanced and independent. Friends and family always count on her caring nature especially when they need comforting or support.


Michael is a gentleman who secretly became an adventurer to impress Sophia. His wardrobe is always elegant.


Their wedding was planned for September 1, 2019 in Germany. It was supposed to be the most straightforward way to get married, a courthouse wedding in their local City hall. The couple invited closest family members and friends.

Sophia and Michael wanted to have a Paris honeymoon, and they started to plan their trip in June. By the beginning of August, everything was ready.

As September approached, Michael started to notice that something was off about this plan. When they talked about the wedding day, Sophia became quiet. She had a toneless, quiet voice when they discussed their ceremony.

For some days the feeling of uncertainty kept Michael awake at night. He tried to speak to Sophia, but she only said that she is not very excited about the upcoming wedding because she always wanted to have something special.

"Well, I guess that our Paris trip will be special..." said Sophia.

That evening Michael thought "I think I will take the lead". He remembers he was googling some romantic adventures to book in Paris for the couple. Until he found that they could actually get married in the City of Love.

"I had to decide whether it was a good idea to get married in Paris again, just 5 days after our original ceremony. I wanted to know everything about the elopement options. So that I could try to predict if Sophia would like that or not.." says Michael.


Michael's first email made us gasp. We received it on August 28, 2019 at 6 PM. Inquiring about the elopement that might happen in just some days:

case study.png

After exchanging some messages we understood that:


1) Michael wants to plan a last minute elopement

2) He doesn't want Sophia to know, it will be a big surprise

3) He will announce that on their wedding day

4) After the wedding day we start planning the last elopement details together with Sophia and Michael on Whatsapp group chat

5) They pack bridal dress and suit and get married in Paris, just the two of them


Michael quickly sent a deposit and disappeared for 2 days. In these two days our team:


-Ordered certificates with their names from our local printing house

-Booked vendors, and made sure everyone is available: flowers, officiant, makeup and hair

-Prepared personalized ceremony script


In the late evening of September 1, 2019 Michael added Sophia to our group chat. She was shocked, excited, and ready to do it.


September 2, 2019 we worked on:

1) Sophia picked their ceremony location

2) Sophia reviewed the ceremony script

3) Started to write vows

4) Was googling flower inspiration

5) While Sophia did all that Michael went to dry cleaning to prepare the gown and suit since it wasn't very fresh after the wedding

On September 3, 2019 we ordered flowers. Had another group chat about makeup and hair. And finally, Sophia and Michael picked photoshoot locations.


September 4, 2019 couple was traveling to Paris while we planned the timeline and picked up certificates. Michael confirmed that they arrived in Paris by car, outfits are prepared, and they are completely ready to get married.


September 5, and 6 the couple enjoyed Paris. Sophia was on her phone adding some last-minute inspirational pictures to their Pinterest board. We double-checked the weather to make sure it is fine. In the late evening, Michael finished writing his wedding vow.


Sophia looked like a modern princess. She wore a beautiful white wedding dress from David's Bridal. It was her dress for the courthouse wedding as well. Her hair was down in soft waves. Our artist named Yana did her makeup, making her look even more lovely. Sophia's appearance turned the quick elopement into a magical moment, showing that dreams can come true, even in a short time.


Sophia effortlessly embodied the essence of a modern princess


Her hair cascaded down her shoulders in gentle waves


Sophia before her wedding ceremony at Rose Garden in Paris



Imagine strolling through a captivating rose garden in the heart of Paris, a place where the air is filled with the delicate fragrance of blooming roses! That is the location that Michael picked.  Each step leads you deeper into the mystery of Paris. The atmosphere is a symphony of flowers and beauty. This rose garden in Paris is located only 20 minutes drive from the Eiffel Tower.

Michael and Sophia didn't have much time to plan vows, so they quickly wrote their promises to each other.

"I thank you for being my soulmate and leading me through my life. I could never imagine anyone so strong and smart as you.  From this day forward, you're not just the love of my life, you're my partner, my adventure, and my home" said Michael in his vow.

Sophia wrote a pretty fun vow and promised Michael that she will always (and forever) be his driver because Michael is scared to pass his driver's license test.

Michael and Sophia decided not to do a real first look, but they still wanted to recreate some first-look photos that came out really pretty and fun.

"When I saw Sophia walking down the aisle, she was happy crying, I felt like the proudest man on Earth. Wedding was never important for me, but it was for her. All the effort and planning for this elopement were so worth it. Seeing her as a happy bride, just made me so proud of myself, and I was happy as hell. At the end of the day, as a man, It is my duty to make my family happy. I always felt some type of guilt for not giving her a wedding of her dreams. All her classmates and colleagues were getting married over the years but never us. I no more felt terrible that I missed that" - confessed Michael later.


Michael was so proud of himself when he saw Sophia walking down the aisle


This moment became a memory


Tears of happiness at Rose Garden gazebo


They felt warm hands of each other, it was just the two of them


Ceremony was planned at this cute gazebo, this is how it looks


Our ceremony officiant created the most romantic script


Bridal vows


With every word spoken, their voices trembled with genuine emotion


Ring exchange


And the couple is finally married!


After the heartfelt ceremony in the enchanting rose gardens, Sophia and Michael celebrated their love with a delightful champagne toast and a sweet set of macarons.  The effervescent bubbles in their glasses matched the joyous atmosphere. In this intimate setting for two, amidst the fragrant blooms, they savored these simple pleasures.


Bubbles danced and fizzed


Their eyes met in a shared toast to their new journey together


Sophia got these macarons at La Duree


Ceremony gazebo in the background


Do it Paris Way goes above and beyond to ensure a seamless and stress-free experience for couples by managing transportation and logistics. From the moment Michael and Sophia decided to elope, we took charge, leaving the couple free to focus on their special day. On the wedding day, we picked them up and then traveled together. The couple didn't need to worry about a thing.

Eiffel Tower held a special place in Sophia and Michael's hearts, and it became the focal point of their after ceremony photoshoot.


 Sophia and Michael, our happy couple at Trocadero


Trocadero, Eiffel Tower


The tower's design and strong presence matched how strong their relationship was

For their second photoshoot location, Sophia and Michael chose a charming Parisian street that offered a view of the Eiffel Tower. Walking hand in hand along the cobbled path, they embraced the romantic atmosphere that surrounded them. The Eiffel Tower stood proudly in the distance.


Lost in the beauty of the city


A charming Parisian street with a view of the Eiffel Tower


In the heart of Paris, their journey continued

Their final stop was the enchanting Pont Alexandre III, a bridge renowned for its elegance and breathtaking views of the Seine River.


Pont Alexandre III, architectural splendor


Eiffel Tower and River Seine in the background


Sophia and Michael's decision to plan their dream wedding in Paris was the right one. As they looked back on their elopement, the couple found peace in knowing that the effort and planning had led them to a day filled with love, beauty, and cherished memories. Their leap into the unknown, guided by the allure of Paris, resulted in a celebration that was uniquely theirs.

To all the adventurous souls out there, remember that the most spontaneous of decisions are the best ones! If you've ever dreamed of a french wedding, know that it's entirely possible to create something beautiful in just five days. The journey might be difficult, but when the heart is set on a dream, incredible things can happen.

Just like Sophia and Michael's impulsive adventure, your love story can shine bright and unforgettable.


Even in the shortest of timelines.


The Carousel elopement package is a smart wedding option and we are super proud of it. It combines price and quality, and our 12 years of wedding planning experience in Paris.

With years of experience, we have carefully selected top-tier vendors and perfected the logistics to ensure a seamless and stress-free wedding day. From the stunning ceremony location to Tim's skilled photography, designed to create lasting memories.

Our team takes immense pride in creating unforgettable experiences for couples from all over the world.

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