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Our princess elopement wedding package at a real french castle near Paris called Château de Maintenon.

We planned this package for those who want to have a dreamy wedding and celebrate this day at a unique-looking place. Featuring photography, ceremony, makeup, along with full planning, logistics and coordination.



This historic French château is a fairytale location for a real princess. Many couples want to get married with some unique backdrop. There are different castle alternatives in the US and around the world. But why book alternatives if you can get married in a REAL french castle?

Every detail can be personalized: from your flowers to photoshoot locations, to makeup and ceremony. You book all your vendors in one place and we do the rest.


-For the couple only, without guests

-Package price: €4000

-Deposit: €300

-We accept bookings from 20 days to 12 months


When searching for that perfect wedding venue, brides are bored and frustrated. You've seen them all, every location available for your wedding, and nothing looks unique to you. Well, that is normal. In your home town, your family and friends choose the same wedding venues again and again.


Over the years, we kept hearing that it's not possible to book a ceremony location that will be totally unique and not popular amongst tourists and other married couples. So we found it! Château de Maintenon is that secret place 1 hour from Paris. It took us around 2 years to discover this hidden gem and manage to get a ceremony permit. This castle works as a museum, they never did any elopements or photoshoots, so it was tricky to plan. But we did it and we are very proud! So we welcome our clients to this place.

IMG (221).jpg

A perfect pairing, castle and gardens


Château de Maintenon is an incredible insight into French history.


It was a residence of the spouse of Louis XIV, her name was Madame de Maintenon.


The construction of the castle began in the 13th and ended in roughly the 18th century. Here is why we love this castle:

IMG (97).jpg

A mix of gothic and renaissance architecture


Dreamy gardens



-Consultation with wedding planner Helene (email or whatsapp)
-Wedding day planning by Tim
-Wedding day coordination by Tim


-Bridal hairstyle
-Bridal makeup


-Ceremony in a public castle Château de Maintenon (outdoor only) for the couple, without guests
-English speaking Ceremony Officiant
-A bottle of French Champagne


-Transportation for two (couple only) from the beginning to the end


-Bridal bouquet



-3,5 hours: 30 min ceremony, 1 hour
in a castle (outdoor only) and 2 hours in Paris
-150 edited high resolution, non- watermarked images

PRICE: €4000


Château de Maintenon is closed on Mondays. And we don't recommend booking Saturdays and Sundays because of the locals. We book weekdays (Tuesday to Friday) for this castle elopement package.


The final full package price is €4000, taxes included. We reserve a date by €250 PayPal deposit and a signed contract.

We accept bookings from 12 months to 15 days to your wedding date.

Although this is a public castle, our goal is to make it feel and look totally private. Like you own this place. That's why we choose days with fewer visitors. And even if someone is walking around, we will edit them out in photos.


Reserve in the middle of the week to enjoy the whole castle just for yourself


This elopement package is for the couple only, without any guests invited.

The castle asks to purchase photoshoot permission. And they allow us to have only two people at the ceremony and photoshoot.

Photoshoot permission is also the reason that this package price is higher than other castles. Chateau de Maintenon keeps number of photoshoots lowest possible. To provide this unique experience for those who is really interested.


This package offers a romantic outdoor ceremony for the couple only, without any guests.

Our ceremonies are planned in advance, controlled by the couple and can be personalized in many ways.


Classic wedding ceremony. The new, better way to I DO. Includes everything you need to be married - vows, ring exchange, certificates. You can get legally married before or after your trip to Paris.


A vow renewal ceremony is a beautiful way to celebrate your relationship and recommit to your spouse. You can be married 1 year, 10 years or 60 years. Can be something similar to a classic wedding ceremony or totally unique.


Same-sex ceremony - a traditional ceremony but make it sparkle! We are open to everything creative. Time to rethink and improve all the wedding traditions out there. Same-sex wedding or vow renewal can be super unique or totally classic. It's up to you

IMG (115) copy.jpg
IMG (112) copy.jpg

Bridal walk down the aisle is a big moment to shine on your wedding day


These locations we think will work best for the romantic ceremony. Of course we are not limited and can plan a ceremony at any outdoor spot you like, but here are our top picks:

1. The main view  where you can see the whole castle and gardens:

IMG (118) copy.jpg

Trees around look like a ceremony decorations

2. Panoramic view that is closer to the lake and water:

IMG (215).jpg

Here you have the best perspective to admire

3. L'aqueduc and garden view if you want to have something unique, not an obvious castle backdrop:

IMG (276).jpg

Aqueduct in Roman style can be nice as well as something non traditional


A moment where you feel like you are in another time and space, a beautiful walk around the castle. Here are our favorite spots for wedding photography :

IMG (261).jpg

We capture panoramic views to showcase the architecture

WhatsApp Image 2022-08-11 at 15.52.12(1).jpeg
IMG (305).jpg

 Every garden or castle backdrop is a showstopper

IMG (303).jpg

Surrounded by a fairytale-worthy forest

IMG (199).jpg

Closer facade views for atmospheric wedding photoshoot and romantic portraits

IMG (244).jpg
IMG (254).jpg

No other venue could ever match the energy of a real chateau



We made the planning process as simple as possible. We ask questions about couple's wishes and expectations on each step.


We use questionnaires to collect and save information. That's what our couples fill in to personalize their wedding day:

Без имени-1--.jpg

We discuss every detail together and carefully store this information. We ask brides to create their inspirational Pinterest boards, send references for hair and makeup and choose photoshoot locations. Our couples can plan a destination wedding from home just in 4-5 evenings when they have free time.


Although we ask a lot of questions, couples can quickly give us the information (email, WhatsApp and questionnaires) and we do the rest.


How this all-inclusive package will help you save time? Simple: think about the time that it takes just to find and book one wedding professional. Search on Google or Instagram, connect through social media, spend hours examining prices and portfolio… and then (only if everything looks good) reach out and have a chat. And you need to talk to 5-6 people at least, just to find THE ONE that is available and is a great fit for you. Now multiply that by 10 and you will realize how much time it takes to find your perfect wedding team. Add a venue. Add ceremony. And let's not forget the logistics (oh my), the timeline, the planning and coordination… bringing vendors and transportation together, monitoring the communications… and all that from overseas. It is so stressful and time-consuming.


With our all-inclusive packages you book all your vendors in one place, the planning process will be fun and never overcomplicated.


-We reserve your date by a PayPal deposit and immediately book the vendors

-We make sure everyone is available

-We pay deposits to vendors and book your date with them

-You pay us only one deposit and we split it between the vendors

-We take care of all technical questions vendors have so the couple doesn’t have to deal with constant chatting


-We prepare your personalized ceremony script
-We plan the ceremony based on the weather and coordinate with Officiant
-Before the ceremony we meet Officiant and make sure she arrives on time


-We collect information about flowers you like, brides send us their "dream bouquet" and we do the rest

-We contact the florist to confirm that chosen flowers are in season

-If yes, we make an order and coordinate the delivery

-One day before the elopement we drive to our florist to pick up the bouquet

-On the day of elopement we deliver it to the place you stay at


-One week before the wedding we start monitoring the weather to make sure there is no rain on your big day

-We plan your perfect timeline based on weather, traffic and chosen locations

-We are responsible for making sure your vision is executed properly


-We ask our brides to search for inspirational hair and makeup photos

-When this is done, we create a group chat with our makeup artist where you can discuss everything

-Bride only discuss her look she wants to have. The rest (adding makeup to timeline, transferring your address etc ) we do for you


-We make sure everyone follow the timeline
-If something is taking longer than expected, we coordinate the rest. For example if your makeup took 40 minutes more than planned, we will call the Officiant and warn her

-We make sure all the logistics of the wedding are handled properly




We plan your photoshoot route based on locations available (not closed, in good condition)
-If some location is closed, we will offer an alternative
-Our photoshoot is location-based rather than hour-based. We make sure you visit all as planned even if you stuck in the traffic for 1 hour


-We make sure everything goes as planned
-All issues will be adressed to your wedding planner, so you don't need to worry about anything
-We will help you with restrooms if needed or drive to the nearest cafe if you are running out of energy to have a takeaway coffee

-If there is a chance of rain and the couple decides to postpone, we choose the best day available
-We contact all vendors to confirm they can move the date to some days forwards or backward
-We contact the florist and make sure she picks up flowers not on the original date, but when needed. That's how you get a fresh bouquet even when the wedding is postponed 2-3 days forward
-We re-plan the timeline and coordinate with vendors your postponed day



Just because you're eloping doesn't mean you can't have the most beautiful flowers. Our florists will put together flowers that will compliment your small wedding vision. We offer different color palette choices from cream, blush, and white to bright hues.


We include both bouquet and a bouttoniere


The Château de Maintenon package comes with professional hair and makeup for the bride, at your hotel or Airbnb. Our makeup and hair artist arrives in the morning to help you get ready and create the bridal look you love. Here are some examples:


Soft loose curls for Alissa

IMG (63).jpg

Classic wedding updo for Samantha


To plan the logistics of the day, we ask only two things: couple’s hotel address and chosen photoshoot location list. We analyze this information and create the easiest and fastest photoshoot route. Nobody loves spending time in traffic and we try to avoid that. Transportation is included for two people for the whole event. We pick you up from the hotel, drive to the castle, visit Paris and go back.


The car is with you the whole time so you can leave your bags there. We work with our own car, economy class. Car type or color can not be personalized.


Tim is Do it Paris way owner and a professinal wedding photographer. We included evertyhing you need in terms of photography. Ceremony reportage, castle portrait shoot and 3 locations in Paris.

For your after-ceremony photoshoot at Château de Maintenon Tim offers a route around the castle that includes the best views.


For the last 8 years, we selected the 15 places in Paris that work the best for a wedding photoshoot. Iconic views like Petit Palais or the famous Eiffel Tower. We have a photoshoot location list where you can make your selection.


The photography that comes with elopement packages is location-based rather than hourly-based. You will be at peace of mind that the locations you expect to capture come out perfect without risking an overtime invoice in the event that the day runs late in case of bad traffic or weather.

IMG (106).jpg

Trocadero and Louvre as your Paris shoot backdrop


This package is a fully planned and coordinated wedding day for two.


You only need to show up and shine. We will plan every detail for you.

Before the wedding. We organize the event via email and WhatsApp chats. We plan everything together. Discuss makeup and hair, choose your bouquet, photoshoot locations and create a ceremony script. The couple controls and confirms every detail.


Two or three days before the wedding. Tim and Helene create a tailor-made timeline of the day and coordinate it with the team.


Early morning.

Our makeup artist will arrive to your hotel or Airbnb in Paris. Two hours to get ready and put the dress on.


Driver picks you up when the makeup is done. Deliver your flowers. Together you drive to the Paris photoshoot. We need to shoot in Paris first. Because after the early morning it will be crowded.


Paris photoshoot begins. Of course, we plan photoshoot in advance. Talk about angles and views. Discuss how comfortable you are posing for the camera. Prepare poses that will be easy to create and super fun. The car is with you the whole time. You can change your shoes, relax, and enjoy Paris. When it's done, together we travel to the castle.


Drive from Paris to Chateau de Maintenon takes around 1 hour. We arrive at the castle. Park the car. Take our bags and everything we possibly need. Enter the castle.


Then the ceremony begins. We can add a bride walking down the aisle or other fun ideas you have here. The ceremony ends, champagne. And the castle photoshoot begins. You can see the backdrops above and imagine yourself walking and posing for the camera.


After we are done, the driver drops you off at your hotel or Airbnb in Paris.


The only thing that is not included is food. Since the castle works as a museum and there is really no place to eat. So please bring your favorite snacks and energy bars.


The time depends on the season. We start right at sunrise. In June, the makeup artist can start around 4:30 AM. For October, it can be 5-7 AM. Please read more here.


I have guests invited. Can I book this package?

At this time, the castle allows only photoshoots and ceremony permits for the couple. Without any guests.


Can we take photos inside the castle?

No, only park photos are allowed.


What is a public ceremony location? Will my ceremony be private?

In this package, we offer a ceremony in a public castle Château de Maintenon. This package does not give you exclusive rights to any public venue. That means, other people can be around. To avoid that, we plan all our ceremonies early morning, because you cannot demand that tourists vacate your wedding space. But don't worry! People are quite nice and respectful when they see a wedding. If we start our ceremony at sunrise, almost nobody is around. Perfect for your dream pictures.


Can we make this ceremony private?

Not in Château de Maintenon package. If you want a place with exclusive rights and only for your wedding, then we’ll guide you toward a totally private venue.


Can we add decorations and a floral arch?

Usually, when we get this question, couples envision something impressive like a giant floral arch in the middle of the park, a path covered with rose petals, and Napoléon chairs for guests. But unfortunately, none of this is possible. There are several reasons why we don’t do this. The first one is that it's simply not legal. We know how important this day is for you and we make sure everything proceeds smoothly. If we try to bring decorations to a public place, we may end up with a few extra problems with the police. It's simply not worth the risk. Wedding day is all about celebration and happy moments!



The best time to contact and book?

The best time to do it is 10-12 months before the wedding. But we are often asked to plan impulsive elopements in just some days, so don't worry if you don't have a lot of time. You decided to elope and only a week is left till your trip to Paris? Well, then we'll work fast. However, it is better to have a few months beforehand to plan that important day carefully and prepare everything you have always wanted.



What if I need to change my dates or anything else?

Send us a message and we will figure it out. Our team is flexible

PS It can be difficult to write and pronounce Château de Maintenon, so please feel free to name it just simple castle M.

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