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Article by — Tim, Paris elopement planner and photographer

We work only during sunrise, early morning. We plan all our elopements and photoshoots earliest possible to have the best light and avoid crowds. We do not accept bookings for afternoon, day, evening, or night events.

The best day to book is Saturday. Almost no traffic and crowds in Paris. We really recommend Saturdays, if you have availability.

We never book Sundays. Paris goes car-free every Sunday. Since Autumn 2021 streets, neighborhoods, and entire arrondissements are open for pedestrians only on Sundays. Paris has more and more of our photoshoot areas prohibited to vehicles. Just not possible to drive around.


Other than that, there is no difference. All days of the week are good. No difference between Monday and Friday, so choose the day that works best for you.

National holidays like Easter or Christmas are totally fine. We do not charge extra if the elopement is planned for the weekend or holiday.

But what we do not book are days with military parades, like for example Bastille Day military parade. The whole city is closed. So we do not book:

- May 8
- July 13 and 14

Also, we do not book New Year's Eve. From December 30 to January 1.

In terms of the photo shoot, there is no difference between the days of the week. If the date is available, we w ill make it work. Beautiful photos can be taken on any day, as long as it is early morning.

And there are no days with no tourist crowds, sorry for disappointing you. Any day can be full of people. But no worries, we edit everyone out.

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