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Planning and photography by Tim

Story by Helene

Date: June 2023

Package: All-inclusive

Château de Sceaux elopement

Type: elopement for two
Additional: 2 extra Paris photoshoot locations

From walking hand-in-hand along the Seine River to mesmerized gazing at the Eiffel Tower, their journey is a delightful mix of unexpected encounters, delicious food experiences, and the undeniable allure of the City of Love. Against the backdrop of charming streets and cozy cafés, Carmen and Jimmy's love story flourishes, revealing the undeniable power of pure romance (это часть я впишу сама, скопируйте пожалуйста просто абзац)


Helene: "Bonjour all the beautiful, adventurous, and ambitious ladies, our wonderful brides who are exploring this article. And our respect to the intelligent, handsome future grooms. Hope you have a good time reading this case study. Let's begin!"



Anna and Brandon with their dog Kiko

Anna and Brandon are both from Charlottesville, Virginia in the United States. But recently moved to Nashville, Tennessee. Brandon is a Virginia Tech grad working in engineering, while Anna, a University of Virginia alum, is exploring opportunities in education. Their little family is complete with Kiko, a lively one-year-old golden retriever.


High school sweethearts

When they're not busy with work, you can catch Anna and Brandon enjoying all things food-related, they're total "foodies" who love trying out new restaurants. And guess what? They're also into staying fit with a shared love for going on runs.


That's Anna and Brandon – a fantastic and very sweet couple!


Anna and Brandon chose to elope in Paris, a city they both love for its beauty and romance. Anna was excited about the idea of having their wedding surrounded by the city's stunning architecture, something she's always dreamed of. Brandon, who loves exploring European cities, was thrilled about the idea too. They both agreed that their wedding should be a special day just for them.

Anna said "I really want beautiful architecture to be incorporated into the wedding. We knew that we wanted to elope, and everyone we know speaks so highly of Paris."

Together, they envisioned a day that was intimate, personal, and undeniably theirs.

Anna didn't want to have a traditional big wedding. She envisioned something more intimate, more personal. Yet, she cherished the beautiful traditions of weddings – the emotional vow exchange, the symbolic first dance, and those small, timeless moments that make weddings so magical.


Our challenge was to plan a classic yet modern elopement for Anna and Brandon, combining meaningful traditions in a way that felt truly theirs. Modern elopement with the best, most beautiful traditions from the past. We strived to keep the essence of traditional weddings but tailored it to their personal love story.



Warm weather and clear skies

Choosing June for an elopement in Paris means enjoying warm, sunny days, perfect for outdoor ceremonies. Overall, June's weather in Paris is ideal for creating beautiful, lasting memories of an elopement.


Here is the timeline that Tim sent to our group Whatsapp chat 3 days before the wedding date:

4 AM Bridal beauty expert Yana is coming for bridal hair and makeup to their place in Paris

5:30 AM Yana ends hair and makeup and helps Anna with her dress. Packing the bags and getting down

5:40 AM Pick up by Tim

Paris photoshoot: Trocadero - Pont Alexandre III - Louvre Gallery - Louvre Pyramids

9 AM Ceremony begins at Château de Sceaux gardens

Château de Sceaux portrait shoot

10:30 AM  Driving back to the hotel



Dress shopping and alterations

Anna’s dress is Justin Alexander Signature Charleston style,  square neckline with open back and ballgown silhouette.

Anna shared her dress shopping story, saying, "I found my dress online about three months before I went dress shopping. I knew I needed to try it on, hoping it would be perfect. Choosing the studio because they carried Justin Alexander Signature, I reached out beforehand to check if they had my dress. Once we decided to elope, I realized I didn't have much time to order a dress directly from the designer, so I'd likely need something off the rack. I scheduled an appointment with the off-the-rack partner for the main studio in the morning. Although I didn't have high hopes, to my surprise, when I arrived for my appointment, I learned that my dress had recently been moved to that studio, and I could buy it off the rack! It was the first dress that I tried on, but I tried on about seven other dresses before finally deciding that the first one was in fact the one!"

Anna booked hair and makeup included in the package, her artist was Yana. Yana came to their place morning of the wedding day.

hair 2.jpg

Bridal hair reference from Pinterest

Bridal hair. "My hair is naturally very curly and dark. Though it's currently not dyed, I've had it colored before. Due to its curly nature, my hair holds styled curls well, but I'm concerned about frizz or poof. Initially, I wanted to go for glam curls with my hair down, but I now believe that an updo would be more suitable for the longer day."


Makeup reference from Pinterest Anna sent us

Bridal makeup. Anna said"I want my makeup to be noticeable but not too distracting. I typically don't wear much makeup; I prefer my eyes to be the main focus. In general, I stick to minimal makeup, usually just mascara, sometimes eyeliner, and eyeshadow."

Bridal flowers. Anna wanted a round bouquet made of pink peonies and blush and ivory roses:


Bouquet by Helene

And here is a final bridal look. Anna looks absolutely stunning on her wedding day. Her dress was perfect, highlighting her natural beauty and the joy she felt. She glowed with happiness, making her not just a beautiful bride, but a radiant one. Anna's beauty was truly a highlight of the day.


What our client wanted and what she got

Anna got these very pretty pearls and Yana decorated her updo with them. What a trendy idea!


Anna's accessories for her hair

Anna added pearl pins to her hair, giving her wedding hairstyle a beautiful and elegant look:


Mini pearls in Anna's hair

We took some solo photos of Anna as a bride. She looked stunning in her wedding dress, with pearl pins in her hair updo. Her makeup was soft and made her look naturally beautiful:


Our beautiful bride


White and pink bouquet


Our beautiful bride


Brandon, the charming groom, is wearing Jos A. Bank custom tuxedo.

Dressed sharply in his well-tailored suit, he exuded a quiet strength that complemented Anna's elegance. His attire was not just about style but also about embodying the role of a loving partner on this significant day. Brandon carries himself with confidence.

He has such a positive vibe that really impacts those around him!

Anna and Brandon.png

Meet Brandon



As usual, we took care of everything logistics and driving-related.
To ensure Anna and Brandon had a relaxed and memorable day, Tim handled all the travel details.  From their hotel pickup, they could sit back and enjoy without any stress. Our comfy car and Tim's attention to their needs meant they didn't worry about their stuff or getting around.  Plus, we know Paris really well.

Anna and Brandon.png

During the day, Anna left her belongings in the car when needed

We're happy to offer such a worry-free service, letting couples soak up the love and charm of Paris.


The Chateau de Sceaux elopement package is truly a magical journey through Paris, but it requires some precise planning and long rides. It is not simple to plan at all!  We're talking about a carefully crafted adventure, not just some random jaunt around the city. There's a strategy to dodge the crowds and traffic. That's why Trocadero was our first location, always during sunrise. This isn't just about showing up and hoping for the best. It's about smart logistics to make sure every moment is easy for the couple.


Trust us, we've got the logistics down to an art!


The whole trip during the day was around 45 km (28 miles)


For the photos, Anna sent us these 3 requests:

1. To help with posing and help them look their best.
2. During the Paris photo shoot, take a lot of unique and diverse images, try different posing and creative angles.
3. Perfect ceremony shots since the family won't be there.

We invite you to take a look at the gallery and see how we did that. Tim took many diverse photos, some candid and motion included. As well as closer and solo shots and BW creative images.

Trocadero. The Eiffel Tower view named Trocadero was our first photoshoot location. It always goes first because it is crowded after 7-8 AM during summer and we need to be there right at sunrise, never later. That's why Trocadero is first.

Pont Alexandre III. The most beautiful bridge in Paris. Here Tim used multiple lenses and angles, so the photos are not boring. Anna asked for diversity, and we did it all. Photos from up above, photos from far away, candid shots, classic shots, motion and movement.

Louvre pyramids were an extra purchase, an additional location. Here Tim did his signature panoramic shots to capture the architecture of Paris. For your elopement, do you want to have a photo with both of you with reflections and water at the Louvre?

Louvre gallery, another extra location. A place for candid shots and perfect closeup portraits. And of course, Louvre gallery is a great place for solo shots. Just look how happy and gorgeous Anna and Brandon are!


Chateau de Sceaux is located in Sceaux, a town 30-minute drive away from Paris. The chateau is surrounded by large gardens designed by André Le Nôtre, the landscape architect of Versailles. Two things this castle is famous for are its rich history and architectural beauty.


Chateau means castle in french

A castle elopement is perfect if you'd like to have a traditional wedding for these 3 reasons:


1. Historical place. Castles are associated with history, romance, and fairytales. Choosing a castle for an elopement taps into the timeless atmosphere.

2. A strong powerful marriage together. Castles symbolize strength and endurance, often reflecting the enduring nature of love.

3. Cultural significance. Some couples choose a castle elopement for the art and unique arhitecture. It's a way to connect with the past while celebrating a future together.


The chateau's old-world charm

While elopements and traditional weddings may seem like opposites, a castle elopement brings together the intimate essence of eloping with the timeless and romantic setting of a castle, creating a tradition that is uniquely its own.


Eloping to a chateau

Anna and Brandon arrived at the Chateau de Sceaux and that was the view they saw first. As Anna walked towards the gardens, the sun bathed the castle in a warm golden glow, casting a magical aura around it. She stopped. Anna's breath caught in her throat for a moment. Looking at the castle, she felt grateful and amazed. The castle wasn't just a place for the wedding, it felt like a symbol of the timeless love she was there to celebrate. In that moment, she knew this castle, filled with stories of love, was now going to witness the start of her own happily ever after. 


It took around half of hour for Anna and Brandon to realize they were getting married here. New and new discovery as they zigzagged through the passages, their eyes wide with the thrill of realization, they were about to tie the knot right here.


As they explored, joy bubbled up within them like shaken soda cans.


Anna and Brandon chose the picturesque Chateau de Sceaux for their intimate elopement, creating a very personal moment.

The ceremony took place in the gardens of the chateau, a setting that combines greenery and a panoramic castle view.

The ceremony was very simple, focusing on the couple.

Anna shared her personal touch to the ceremony, saying, "We want to start our ceremony with a pre-written prayer from my mother, which Brandon will read. We will also incorporate handwritten letters from our friends and family.'"


This private celebration, away from the usual bustle of traditional weddings, allowed them to truly feel every word and live every emotion. Making their union not just an event, but a cherished memory tailored perfectly to their unique bond.






After the ceremony was over, Tim took some beautiful portraits for Anna and Brandon. So they have pictures of them walking around the castle and posing for the camera.

White and pink bouquet





Here is their beautiful ceremony.... тут оставьте пож как есть, я текст впишу


Wedding ceremony begins


Beautiful moment before saying I DO'S


Wedding vows


In beautiful Paris, Dani and Adan said their vows, and after, had a special moment with Champagne. With the Eiffel Tower in the background, the couple lifted their glasses to romance and love... тут оставьте пож как есть, я текст впишу


Let's celebrate!


Unforgettable Parisian memories




Our goal for editing as wedding photographers is to make the couple shine. In the editing process, we focus on enhancing the natural beauty. Making skin glow with health, ensuring the hair color looks very expensive and luscious, and accentuating the brightness of the eyes. 


We pay close attention to every little detail of the wedding attire, making sure it looks absolutely perfect and fits seamlessly into the whole picture. For example, Anna's dress fabric had warm undertones, a very light ivory color. And Anna shined even more when we did deep and warm editing. Because every bride is different, some brides would look better with cold tones, and other brides would benefit from warm Lightroom presets. We tailor-made editing for every bride, depending on her features. Our main goal is to create pictures that not only capture the real moments of the celebration but also make the couple look even more stunning.





Anna and Brandon


Such a fun day!

Thank you very much to our couple for such a wonderful review! We were pleased to work with you!



The team that worked together with Anna and Brandon to help them create a fashionable elopement day:


Tim, elopement planner and photographer

"A day without any stress was my job. Dani and Adan also asked for help explaining posing for photos, which I gladly did. I worked with the couple so that they would not worry about any single detail and could enjoy the atmosphere. For wedding photoshoot, I tried to make photos look better than the Vogue magazine because our bride loves fashion. I think we did such a great job all together!"


Helene, communication with the couple and flowers, and this article

"I worked with Dani from the beginning. I tried to do everything just the way she asked, like for example the bouquet is 100% match and exactly what she envisioned. Also, I wrote this exact article so hope you enjoyed it!"


Yana, bridal hair and makeup @makeupparisyana

"My goal was to do a light bridal look that enhanced Dani's natural beauty. Very light, nothing too heavy or never cakey. She is a gorgeous bride and it was such a pleasure. Loved every single minute with them."


Olga, ceremony Officiant and assistant during the photoshoot

"Working with Dani and Adan was an absolute joy; their love and commitment radiated throughout the ceremony, creating a truly magical atmosphere. I had a pleasure to officiate the ceremony and also helped during the photoshoot. I helped with the dress, and fixed dress, hair, makeup, flowers when needed. After the ceremony, I was their personal assistant for the shoot."


The Carousel elopement package is a smart wedding option and we are super proud of it. It combines price and quality, and our 12 years of wedding planning experience in Paris.

With years of experience, we have carefully selected top-tier vendors and perfected the logistics to ensure a seamless and stress-free wedding day. From the stunning ceremony location to Tim's skilled photography, designed to create lasting memories.

Our team takes immense pride in creating unforgettable experiences for couples from all over the world.

Book now and let us take care of the rest!



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