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Article by — Tim, Paris elopement planner and photographer, working with different types of posing since 2012

If you booked our services and we are working together, I kindly recommend you to do a photoshoot rehearsal two weeks before your trip to Paris. Open your Pinterest folder where you saved your favorite poses. Rehearse them in front of a mirror for some minutes. If you feel comfortable, that's great. If you have doubts, delete a pose that is too challenging.

It is very important to do this for two reasons:

1. To make sure you are physically comfortable doing them and to make sure difficult poses like lifts won't hurt you
2. To make sure your clothes don't rip or break



Lifts and spins are physically very tough poses

We know that these fun movement poses are very popular and couples like them because they look fun. Look fun, but these poses are hardddd to perform. These poses can be a risk for your back and knees. If you saved these types of poses with movement to your Pinterest board, I kindly ask you to rehearse them before your flight to Paris. And not just rehearse, but rehearse wearing something same that you will be wearing during your wedding day. Ideally, try to do that wearing your wedding outfits.

Please put your heels on. Put on a wedding dress or a similar tight dress or a ballgown, or at least a cocktail dress. And rehearse them in your living room to make sure they are doable for you.

Why to do that? To avoid wedding day disasters.

Lifts are extremely hard to make, and please do not save a lift pose without the groom's consent first. Please consider the groom's health (does he have back problems or no? Knee problems or no?) while saving poses to your Pinterest.

The health is a number one priority.

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