The process of preparing for a photo shoot

We ask all our couples to fill in a special form about the choice of locations and tell us about their wishes: what style of posing they like, what they want to see in their photos and what they would like to avoid.

We do not copy other photographers’ works or images from Pinterest. Of course, you can show us some pictures as references. And explain the idea that you like and we will try to do something similar. But if you ask us to replicate a complete set or list of images/poses, we will have to tell you that this is impossible. That would be too far from capturing real moments how they happen in life. We prefer taking live photos that will remind you of emotions you had and really think they are the best.

Please always remember that every photo shoot is unique and individual, and so is yours! We can’t and will never be able to copy accurately even any of our own works – after all, every day is different in the lighting, weather and the way Paris lives and changes.

Your own story captured in our pictures is waiting for you!



Taking romantic pictures is what we do. And we are glad to help you and teach some great posing!

We work with classic poses that are good for all couples and easy to perform. For fearless couples we can offer something a bit more extraordinary ;) but only if our clients feel comfortable for that and are emotionally ready to have fun.

Of course, a photo shoot is not a vacation and you will have to make efforts. But that’s really not as hard as you think! 9 out of 10 couples tell us at the very beginning of the shoot: “We are no models at all and feel very confused...” And that’s normal! Just look at the photos – how natural and gorgeous they look, absolutely everyone can pose really well!


Who chooses photos for editing?

That is the photographer who chooses the best pictures out of all, based on the artistic vision and experience.

If you have any specific wishes, we ask you to tell us about them before the shooting.

If you like your smile and want to see it more in your pictures, let us know! We will be happy to create more shots like this!

Will you see all the pictures we will take? No, we edit out all the photos you wouldn’t like (i.e. the ones with eyes closed or blurred focus) and give you only the best of the best.


The most interesting part – photo editing

We prefer classic editing and don’t try to follow all of the trends. They change very quickly, but we want you to be happy with your photos for many years!

The editing also includes image cropping, color-balancing and other techniques to make they look perfect. We work a lot to make sure that you love your pictures!

To sum up, we would call our editing "light and airy". These are the two words that will help you to better understand us.


Terms of editing

Contracted time for editing is 30 business days. We prefer to have enough time for editing, because it is impossible to achieve a good result in a hurry.

Good things are worth waiting for!


Total amount of photos

The number of photos you will receive depends on the chosen package. You will find this information in the description of each offer.


Quality & size

All packages include the high resolution files without watermark. We shoot in RAW, so in most cases, you can print your photos up to A4 without any quality loss. Size is about 3500 pixels on the long side.

If you need an original large size for printing posters, price is discussed separately. Buying all unedited or RAW photos will cost €250.

We uploaded an example of the photo quality that we provide to our clients. You can estimate the full size by downloading and increasing it on your computer.

To download the size and quality example, please click on the link:



In our opinion, the most wonderful pictures can be created when couple and photographer have a good connection. If you feel excited looking at our photos, if they managed to touch you – we will be happy to help your dreams come true!

However if our ideas and pictures make you want to think: "Ok, it's not bad, but not that good as I want them to be...." We'd suggest booking someone else! There would be really a lack of connection between us if we decided to work together.

The number of elopements and shootings we organize per year is limited, so if you like what we do and feel that is what you need, we will be glad to hear from you!