"We didn't have the wedding venue that I really love in my home city. My friends used them all over the years either for weddings or other celebrations. I don't know if that's a common thing, but one day I just realized that there is no unique place to get married at. All weddings in our home city are totally the same. And not to mention, they all the expensive" Jordan shares what she really faced with after the proposal.

"I couldn't find a wedding venue that wasn't booked by my friends before" said Jordan.

"I was upset when I realized that there is a perspective that I'll probably have a regular traditional wedding just like everyone else. Not only that but also I need to spend a lot of money. And don't get me wrong, I respect the traditions and other people's choices... But a boring regular wedding is just NOT US" Jordan confessed.

"We made a budget worksheet for the wedding in our home city. And estimated cost disappointed us even more. We are an adventurous couple and we love to travel, so a honeymoon was a must. And we realized that we have to choose between a big wedding or a city hall wedding + honeymoon because we didn't want to spend too much" said Alex.


Jordan was browsing through wedding blogs when she found out about the term elopement.

"We realized that it is the right thing for us. We picked Paris because it is the most beautiful city in the world. Who doesn't want to get married in France? And none of our friends had a destination wedding, so having this experience was simply unique" Alex is proud with his idea.

"At first I wanted our honeymoon to be in Paris. But when we found out that we can get married here, it was even better!" said Jordan.


"We always had a misconception that weddings in Paris are very expensive. I guess it's just a stereotype. But then it turned out that you have nice affordable options to choose from and I quickly found out how much does it cost to elope in Paris" said Jordan.

Alex agrees "When Jordan showed me the elopement package I was surprised and told her that we definitely can afford that right now. I was happy with how much does an elopement cost. To be honest, this budget made me really happy"

Here is a total budget for a 2021 Paris summer wedding that the couple kindly shared:


"We planned our budget and realized that we had an extra €2,000 to spend, which was a wedding gift from my parents. And I decided to book an Airbnb with a private Eiffel Tower terrace. At first, we were choosing between different public ceremony places, but this idea just was better. I wanted something private. Sometimes a girl just needs to be pampered. I found apartments with €350 for a night cost for 6 days" Jordan is happy with her decision.

It is a good investment because:

-You have a private ceremony

-A totally unique experience

-The view is simply magical


Jordan loved the palette of light blue, ivory, gold, and peach. Together we developed the design, focusing on the airy feel and the Parisian atmosphere. We ordered an orchid and rose bouquet which is a 2022 wedding trend, minimalistic and clean with a pastel accent.

With loads of visual communication, we make sure our couples understand our how finished style will look like.

In the final phase of design, we pull all of the ideas into a set. And here is the result:


Couple wanted to have custom-made wedding vows and calligraphy. They teamed up with Summer from Summer Yang Calligraphy and went straight to work.

Handwritten vows are a beautiful way to add a personalized touch to your wedding. Calligraphy provides an elegant feel. The bride wanted to have something unique for her ceremony, stationery crafted by hand. She asked "I am thinking about getting wedding calligraphy... but what can I get? Since it's an elopement for two, we don't need any invitations... can we still get something?"

Summer proposed her elopement calligraphy set for two which contains:

1) "We eloped" card

2) Two handwritten vows

3) Envelopes

4) 2 elopement announcements to send to families

Here is the pricing for Summer's beautiful work:

"Price for handwritten vow letters with black ink start from €35 each (A5 paper with 0~25 words), then it will increase depending on the size of paper and how many words. Then the eloped card+envelope with digital print in black ink is

- €25 with cardstock card+cardstock envelope

- €30 for handmade paper card+cardstock envelope

**coloured ink will be €5 extra.

So the range starts from €95 and up"


For Jordan: €700 for a bridal two-piece, this jumpsuit is the perfect alternative to a traditional wedding gown

For Alex: €500 suit, accessories, and alterations.

They wanted to go with outfits that are:

-Easy to carry

-Airport friendly

-Easy to steam

-And that look super elegant and unique at the same time


A Paris ceremony that will take your breath away. It can really be that beautiful! Here is a real elopement inspiration. Intimate and modern. We love this Eiffel Tower terrace.

What do you think about this wedding ceremony on a terrace outdoors? This truly unique Paris wedding venue is located in the heart of City of Lights.


After the ceremony, we went to a portrait shoot. It was about 3 hours. This is included in the package.


How much was our trip to France? And how much does Paris trip cost? Our daily budget was €200. I think it is an average travel expense and I was happy with our trip to Paris cost. Paris can be an expensive city, but we searched for local bars, and small shops. We were thinking about how many days for Paris trip to have, and decided to go with 6. I searched for Paris trip ideas and booked some tripadvisor restaurants.


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